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19 years ago my Boy friend and I left the U K to find a new life in the sunshine. We brought a tumbled down 200 year old water mill in the South of France which he rebuilt and we opened a Naturist guesthouse (which welcomed single men) a rare thing in those days.

Our little business went well and it fed us (there was no other form of income. I became pregnant and we then got married and continued our little business.

Stepping on from there we brought a plot of land and he designed and built a lovely villa from the foundations to the last tile on the roof by himself.

BUT, just weeks into the building he had his first heart attack: TWO WEEKS later he was back on the cement mixer working again and still alone.7 months later we moved in and opened for business again.

Immediately our old guests?God Bless then all? Came back to us, and are still coming one of them having been with us now for 17 years?

As our daughter Chantal grew up, we discovered that she was not getting the standard of education that we wanted her to have. We then started to look around for another location.

The south of France is nice in the summer but believe me it gets VERY cold in the winter Portugal seemed our best option easy for U K based guests, low cost flying and fantastic weather, beaches and locals. So Off we went.

We found a house that was in a very sorry state but Joe said he could soon turn it into something beautiful. Wrong?

The lady that owned the place said there was a little problem with the paper work that she would soon rectify, and we could rent it until she did so, for us to buy it.

She lied, the place was completely un-sellable? She and her husband had built so much additional extensions to the original building that there was.

NO WAY the local council would pass the alterations; in fact they would demand it was removed, if they found out. So the answer was to move on again.

Well here we are now two rented properties later and having our own villa built for us, still supported by our wonderful guests and friends.

Each and everyone are now part of a huge family. I consider that a success story and I attribute it to the love and loyal support of the Naturist World.

God Bless you all out there!