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We were in college together and were out for the last night of legal exctasy party at a bar in AThens Ga. Last thing I remember we were aving the bar and I said I could drive home, My girlfriend and her sister-tripping our asses off, laughing, drinking, then all of sudden the girls went to their rooms and cam back naked and for some reasson we are were naked with nothing preplaned out of the blue (very strange-good x makes you want to get naked but they nor I even noticed that we were all butt ass naked) we drank alot more and made breakfast that no one ae other than the sauteed mushrooms which were awsome. I woke up naked in the sisters closet my wife was in her bathroom curled up on the bathmat, big sis on waterbed naked spread eagle-i was in her closet in the fetal position-cannot even remember what happened but it had to be good!!!