We are a tribe, us nudists................we 'get' each other.

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Actually, it's premature for us to 'tell our story' just yet. We had our first coffee date today, he drove from Palm Springs to meet me in Hemet at Starbucks. We sat for two and a half hours talking non-stop, and when we hugged and said goodbye, we both said that 'we don't need nf.com anymore'.

I have been a member since January and have met many men. I think that the process of meeting men at nf.com and emailing with them, getting disillusioned, saying goodbye, it's all 'part of the process.' It's like sales, you have to make so many calls before you get a sale. You just have to keep making calls........and not get discouraged.

I did get discouraged and took a break, I was originally sunlover92543. I came back as sunl2004 with almost the same profile, but more experience, gained from the first membership. This time I was wiser, got rid of the frogs faster, and held-out for exactly what I wanted. Last week Tom emailed me, said he liked my profile and wanted to meet soon, so we just went ahead and had the coffee date, without emailing much at al prior to meeting.

When I walked into Starbucks today and saw him in person, I knew right away, ....I just knew. I think he did too. So, we have a lot of getting acquainted to do. Being both loners, this could take a while. We are in no rush to get with each other full time, all the time. We will have some adventures and see where it goes.

Being life long nudists, both of us, there is a lot that we don't even have to learn or discuss. We are a tribe, us nudists................we 'get' each other.

More will be revealed. When we have more to share, you will be the first to know.

Thanks again,
PS My advice to women free members is this: This is the best deal available for meeting nudist men; you just have to shop like you are shopping for fruit on Sunday night.....................very carefully.