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It was free to browse, and I had no intention of becoming a paying member. That is, until I saw Him!

The browsing process was easy, and almost instantly there on my screen were available men in my area, and in my age group. His photograph and profile was the very first one, and I was hooked.

Because I wasn't a member all I could do was send him a wink, which I did. Then I closed out of the site and tried to find him on my own, by every ISP I could think of. That didn't work.

Never had I paid for a membership to any dating site, so I asked myself the following questions: Did I want to meet this man more than anyone else and more than anything? And was a safe place?

I went back into and looked at his photograph again, read his profile again, then read the details on becoming a member. Because I would be using my charge card, security was very important to me.

After reading the agreements, and realizing that your agreements were to protect me too, I became a paying member within half an hour of when I opened for the very first time.

I immediately sent him an email, telling him I joined for the sole purpose of meeting him. He emailed me back, saying he'd like to meet me too. I emailed him my telephone number. He called me right away.

It was a Thursday, and invited me to brunch that coming Sunday after church. Saturday he called me back and said he couldn't wait for the next day for us to meet, and invited me to dinner for that Saturday evening.

I was so very thrilled and could hardly wait to meet him, this man who had captured my heart simply by virtue of his photograph and profile in the site.

Saturday night. A knock on my door. There he was, the most beautiful man in the world to me. He hugged me and I hugged him right back, not wanting to let go. Dinner was wonderful and at a very beautiful place, and he made me feel like a Princess.

Amongst other things, we talked about the site and how thankful we were to find each other! How thankful we were for the site!
The next day he came over to my place and we made breakfast together. He likes to cook! The next evening he came for dinner, and we've been with each for dinner every evening since then.

He has a work commitment to a friend for one year's time so our time together is in the evenings, but we speak to each other throughout each day.

We've made plans for our future together. He'll be meeting my family this weekend, and I'll be meeting his family within the next two months. His family lives out of state, but he has told them about me.

This man, this wonderful man, no matter what my hair looks like or my clothes look like or what my dinners taste like, he always makes me feel so very special, which to him I know I am. He is my everything! He is the full and completes everything I've always prayed for.

We are each other's wine and roses, each other's sweetness and moonlight and love songs, and I know that we were brought together by a higher power whose vessel was

Thank you dear, from my very heart I thank you.

Maalka, Arlington, WA