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Outback to the beach...just married!!
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We still argue about who contacted who first!! I was living in the outback on a stock route(no power or phone but I did have satellite internet!) when I decided to contact Steve...

What I didn't realize was that he had sent me a wink months before when my beautiful Nan was dying and I had not read or responded to it.

When I decided to move back to civilization he happened to have a spare room available to rent...well I never did sleep in it.

The 12 months on we have just got married and the only thing that could make us happier is to be able to get naked more often.

I miss the country as you wake up naked and go to bed the dame where as here on the coast there are neighbors everywhere that all a few rays of sunshine!

THANKS nudist friends for helping find my husband and also for the fantastic friends I have made from this site as well.

King regards always Tania