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H&E Naturist - Health and Efficiency
H&E naturist (formerly Health and Efficiency Magazine) has been in continuous publication since 1900. Every month we feature articles of interest to those who live the clothes-free lifestyle, from news and travel to art and culture, backed up with some brilliant photography.

Naked in the Woods
Naked in the Woods. A New E-Book about nude connection with nature You know that wonderful feeling of being naked in nature? This groundbreaking e-book, written by a husband and wife team, will show you how to commune with nature, perceive her spirits, honour your body, and more! Naked in the Woods is a complete handbook that gives you sensory exercises, sensual journeys, and many other tools to bring your naturist experiences to the next wonderful level. If you love being naked in nature at the beach, on the lawn or in a forest, you will love this book!

Nudist Day is a blog that delivers naturist news and opinions that matter to nudists through interviews and analyses.

The Reluctant Nudist
The Reluctant Nudist is an amusing and intriguing novel set in a nudist resort in France.

TAN - The Australian Naturist

Australian Sun & Health

Australia's premier naturist magazine for real naturists! Features 68 full colour pages packed full of information, pictures and articles. Available quarterly through agents in Australia, New Zealand and USA or by direct subscription to anywhere in the world.


Information on nude recreation along with various aspects of being nude plus other nude areas of interest.


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