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    I have a 14 year old son, so my advise would be do nothing..  I asked friends who have or have had teenage boys what they did, and they said that any nudist would understand his frequent erections are just part of puberty and to not make a big deal of it.  So like at home, when we are at our nude club or nude beach, when he gets an erection he just ignores it and continues what he is doing.  Everyone including the other kids know it is just part of his current stage of life and doesn't need to hide it or feel embarrassed about it.  

    ALSO, him and I have talked about it and he knew that this would happen when he began puberty and that it was nothing to be embarrassed about especially in the nudist community.  

    As far as what others are saying about masturbation, though he does masturbate frequently it doesn't at all effect how frequently he gets hard, nor does masturbation always help to get rid of an erection.  So please don't fall under the false assumption that your son masturbating more would help.  It is a stage of life, the best thing you can do is to let it run its course, and to not make him feel that it is wrong or that he should feel embarrassed by it.  I hope this helps, let us know how things are going.   

    Take care.  

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    Haha me and ur son have the same problem

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    Well im 23 and I've never been to a nude beach, but im pretty sure I'd be doing the same lol i get boners really easily 

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    I remember being 15 myself going through puberty and up to about 18 years of age me and all my friends all laughed about when we would get a absolute raging hard-on at any time and not looking at a female are thinking about sex it's just going through puberty and hormones your 15 year old son is only being natural he will get big raging hard-on and there's nothing you can do about it that is his age just have to wait till he goes out of it

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    Awesome job with acceptance of his erections. Id say it would be ok for him to have a boner out there since it is natural and everyone should try to understand that. If it is that he is making people too uncomfortable maybe you should suggest to him to ejaculate privately or try his best to calm down. Ask him to take a cold spray in the shower if its something really important.

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    lovely pussy-sure to cause an erection

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     I was raised with mom and four sisters in a naked household so I constantly had an erection the thing to my mom and my sisters did this quick. Paying attention to it and finally I learned how to control it  eventually as I matured I learned how to look at women in a nonsexual way every now and then in the nudist situation I do get in erection but I just cover it or politely excuse myself 

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    I think I have to agree with most, it's something that is completely normal for a 15yr old.

    it happens! Errections come and go!  And let's face it, it only becomes a problem if you let it?  He is young and hormones are usually running wild at that age!  We have all been there in the male world, most will only manage the odd errection now and then as the age creeps up, and very few carry on to achieve this as time goes on.....  

    personally I don't see a problem with it and it's not something I suffer with now! It's only if I have had a good swim in the sea and get out to lay on the beach with the sun beating down on my body and my heart racing and blood pumping my penis tends to get very erect.

    i don't think it has ever caused a problem i know off, and let's face it I don't think it causes an offence! As most seem to have a look and enjoy it!!!   And being a naturist any way I think you have to have a certain sense of humour.

    As your son gets more use to nudity he will more than likely get use to controlling his erections! But as for now!  Embrace it enjoy it and most of all just laugh and have fun with it......

    Ask! most people out there and I bet most if not all are ok! With seeing a nice errection!!!

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    My 12 year old son has them constantly.  At home I have told him he can masturbate whenever he feels the need.  There's nothing to be ashamed of and he has certainly seen me do the same.  When we're out at a resort I send him to the bushes, lol!

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    very simple!! help him in anyway you like!! whe he 'll get use to you !he'll ask less!!

    tels me if it's work!!

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    I understand that it can offend some people, but an erection is just something to be aware of within ones being.  For me, I have come to understand that if I over eat or do not hydrate my body well, that I get erections.  It is a visual sign for me that I am in need of self love, nurturing.  I also learned that I would relate nudity with sex , for it was the only time we are connecting with others hearts on a deeper level.  When we do things in the nude that we normally do clothed it changes that mindset and gets us to see each other as beings instead of objects.  

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    I had to go in cooler water and wait until it went down. You could have him try this.





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    I don't see anything wrong with telling an erectile-prone kid that his erections are natural; but in front of guests he is to be more discreet about it.  It's just not that difficult.  He can stay seated, wait for it to subside, cross his legs, etc...


    It's like my daughter.  When we were home by ourselves she liked to sit around spread-eagled.  And that was totally ok; we all did.  But in front of guests she was required to sit around more "conservatively."  It was just one out of many rules like "do your homework after dinner" or "brush your teeth before going to bed."  It was just: "don't sit around with your hooha wide open when we have guests."  LOL!  And she was fine with it.  It didn't make her more confused or repressed.

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    I see it every once in a while at nudist resorts with Teens Usually.   I might say, "OK", or "looks good" and smile - then go on to ignore it.    Acknowledge, then move on I say!    If he wants to discuss it then fine, otherwise it is just part of the process.    The Guy that says Sex is always a part of nudism doesn't speak for me though.   I am a very sexual and sensual person, sometimes to the point of being a bit perverted, but being Nude isnt the reason....I can be nude and be non sexual or I can be sexual and not be nude.    To be sure my favorite is to be both but they are not intertwined at all times.    

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    I think "It's a Beautiful Thing"

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    We had excatly the same experience.  Our son was always hard at home.  We didn't mind that as long as we were at home.  The problem started when we had friends over or when we went to our local nudist resort.  Most of the time our friends didn't mind either.  They just said it was natural and one even said that he just needed to masterbate and laughed.  We said your probably right and asked her if she would like to help.  She immediately said sure and we all laughed.  Later that night we were talking and I told my wife that our friend was right.  She agreeded and said she would talk to our son about it.  I told her she wasn't helping him with his erections by sitting on the couch like she did.  She looked hurt and said she liked sitting with her legs open.  She liked the way it made her pussy feel.  Besides she said she liked seeing him hard.

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    If he has nothing to occupy his mind, like when he's hanging bored with family or visitors, he'll fixate on his erection and it'll just get more intense. But a 10-hour nude hike will teach him to manage the situation. It'll keep his mind and body physically busy and, even young, 10 hours in the countryside is a long time to keep an erection. Once he's spent more time non-erect in public, the automatic nudity-equals-arousal response will be tamed. After that he can practice one of the most exciting self-control Sutras, which is aroused but non-erect all day.

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    he has to masturbate  

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    Covering it or trying to hide it only draws attention to it.  i'd just ignore it and let him do the same. it's totally natural at that age and any nudist knows that and i think should accept it for what it is. in time he will relax more and it won't happen quite so often. in the meantime just go with the flow.  nobody should apologise for having an erection - time passes so quickly that it's not long before you're apologising for NOT having one!!

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    May I make a suggestion, Yes its normal but the erection can be lessened by placing a cold flannel on or around it when it is inappropriate. A flannel kept in a plastic bag in the fridge should help.

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