Getting New Family Members Use to Nudism Family Forward to friends

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    just be honest with him  tell him u r both nudist and would it bother him if he seen you both nude and he is welcome to join also if he like to  join but if it offends him you will wait till he goes back home tho old fella from gold coast don  and good luck

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    How is it going getting the stepson into nudity?  Hope you all are nude and well now.


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    Hi y'all,


    I'm looking for any tips on how best to introduce my stepson who is living with us this summer to nudism.  He's not aware that his Dad and I enjoy the nudist lifestyle and I'm woried on how he might react.  He's 16.





    The day your stepson arives both you and your husband be dresed the 3 of you go to bed then in the morning

    be up early before your stepson is up. both you and your husband should be sat together naked in the living room or kitchen or where ever. When your stepson gets up to find you both naked dont make a big thing of it  just act normal let him ask you about your naturist life.

     That was the way my doughter and I did it with her friends and her now boy friend who are now like us naturists.

     Hope it works out ok for you

                   From chris xxxxxx

    ps let me no how it pans out

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    We were straight forward about nudity here. I sat down and had a talk with him. Granted, he was not 16 at the time, the primary concern is still the same. What happens if I get.........?

    My son reacted while talking to him. It happens, so please do not be upset. Your husband will havemto discuss a few thjngs with him about what to do if he does become that way. 

    Ours knows to go take care of business if he has to, but he isn't scolded about it. 

    Let us know how things went

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    I know how I reacted at 16 :)


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    An update would be nice.

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    I belive you must take the first step. sunbathing nude is not a big step, just a towel around you and than live it of when you lay at your stomack. Next step is to turn around. Later you start to talk with him you inform him how long you have been a nudist and how it feels. Than you will see his reactions and you can ask him to try. You must also tell him that he will see you nude alot from now.


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    Hello Jen. How's it going?

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    I agree to let his dad talk to him first, I am sure he will enjoy it.  I started when i was 7 yrs old and so its much easier when I am with others into this lifestyle, but once someone passes puberty it can be more challenging at first.



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    An open door policy is a good way to go. How close is he to his dad? Obviously a talk would be good but if not let him see you both. If you see him looking at you then that is the time to talk. Yes he is going to get an erection (not surprising with a body like yours) but that would be part of the talk about nudity and sex. Keep us posted!!

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    Probably best to let his Dad talk to him about your lifestyle in a very "informative" way and let the son ask questions about his concerns.  You could sunbathe outdoors topless, knowing he will see you, but it all depends on your total relationship and his connection with you as his "new" Mom.  Also, your hubby could walk around nude, as a quick trip to the kitchen from the bedroom, knowing son will see him, but not flaunting anything.  If you subscribe to a Naturist magazine, leave one on the coffee table for a few weeks and see if it has been "moved" from the original place you left it.  He may have looked through it and wondered why it's there?  You or Dad could ask, "have you seen that Naturist mag we had on the table?"  And, depending on his sexual maturity Dad could suggest skinny dipping if you have a pool or fairly private lake to visit.  Dad's "sex" talk w/ son could include your lifestyle and explain being a Naturist is not based on sex, it's the freedom of clothing.  Too bad he was not introduced when he was much younger.  6, 7 or 8 y/o's don't really care about being nude around anyone, anywhere.  And, being brought up in the home of Naturists almost always feels comfortable.

    Good Luck!

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