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    I've been a member on this site for about a month, it seems that there are quite a lot of older nudist here, some are looking for love others just want fun as  nudist like myself

    It makes me smile when i see a young lady 45 ish baring there all, bigger grin if there 60, but what i'm asking, if your outthere, plus post nude picture instead of clothed one,  please, i know you might not want to, be brave, as i've done it

    We're all here cos we love our bodies, love being naked as a nudist, i've seen loads of breast both large n very small, both very big n tiny genitals, shaved n hairy genital body types to many to say, So why be a shamed of your body , again i've seen males with penis's all shapes sizes again all body types

    What i'm saying i've seen them all in 53 years of nudistusm 

    Please post anything about your nudist camping, hiking, swimming, horse riding, bike riding, sun worshiper too 

    Thanks for reading,pease comment

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    As you say, we've seen it all. Shapes, sizes, colours, genders. It doesn't matter. Nudism means no prejudices.


    So good to be on a beach and see families enjoying the freedom.