my first time and thereafter... First nudist experience

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    how I became a nudist.

    Well it all started when I was 12 years old .
    I was living in the south west of France .One day as I was playing in the forest with my cousins (2 males 10&11 / 1 female 12 ) as well as two neighbours (males 9 & 13 ) and two friends (brother & sister , 10 & 11 ) we made our way to the small river running amount the grass fields where the farmers keep their cows .

    It was a very hot August day (school holidays 1980), and as we were refreshing ourselves by walking in the water , we reached a nice deep creek.
    So , of course , we ended up pushing each other into the water and got soaked …when we calmed down we were drying ourselves in the sun on a small sandy beach ,when my female cousin made the remark that our clothes will dry quicker hanged in the sun and we should strip off ….we of course joked about showing out our bodies and personal parts … but after few minutes she started to take her clothes off , not that she was wearing much ….and ended up in her soaked little pink panty moulding her body parts …she looked stunning and beautiful and stood there in front of us ( I was not into girls yet …or boys …lol ..I m still not into boys …lol ) …she then challenged me to do the same , and of course , not to loose face I end up in my soaked white underwear , which made the other tease me as they could see almost through it…and it was my turn to challenge them …which after a while worked as they all undressed in their undies…

    So as we were teasing each others , and I wanted to impress them I removed my undie and stood up naked in front of them , challenging them to do the same …they of course laughed but my female cousin then stood up next to me and took off her panty , we were now both standing nude in front of our friends ,at that time it just occurred to me , that I ll be in trouble if my parents were to find out … but in no time all the others finished to undressed and we all ran into the water again …
    We all ended up sun baking nude on that little beach ….It was indeed a great experience , it felt right to be nude with them , it felt right to feel free , to feel the warmth of the sun all over , to feel the wind on our skin …we all enjoyed it very much , we made a pact to keep this our secret … and that we will do it again ….

    So not only we were skinny dipping at the river in the following days but then we started to get nude in our little wood house we built in the forest …after a couple of weeks we could not wait to meet every morning at our “secret cabin” and immediately undress , we started to walk in the forest all nude …it was unreal was magic…but feeling right ..we were all feeling great …
    We were really enjoying being nude , we talked about living nude in future …we were free and we talked freely about our bodies …

    After the school holidays we continued to meet on regular basis on weekends .We all were very respectful of each other , we of course, after being comfortable with being nude , experienced …like all teen …bit of touching then and there , as well as teasing …..having passed that stage of discovery , we made rules so that we could all enjoy being nude as some of us had entered puberty , although we could all see the changes and we joked about it , we were always respectful ….so it was agreed that girls will wear their panties and a scarf around ….when they had their menstruation and that boys will always have a towel handy so that if they get an erection they will cover themselves and that no sexual activities will take place in presence of the others..….

    In the following three years , we were joined by some more friends teens , male and females from our school / village , so that we had a gang of up to 20 , and that is when things started to go wrong a bit as older boys and girls will show off ….so we had to kick out few of them , which resulted in every teens in town knowing about our group activities …We became the bad boys & girls as everybody thought we were having sexual games etc ….

    For some reasons no parents came involved , although we believe they were likely to know about it ….For my part I had few words about safe sex from my older brother…but that was it .

    Anyway it was about a year later that I found out I was not the only one in the family to enjoy nude sun baking ….we had a small family gathering at home . It was a nice warm July day , after lunch , my father , two uncles, my brother and two males cousins decided (well it was my mother decision ) to walk to my other uncle farm….about 1 km away …a nice easy walk …while my Mother , two aunties ,my three sisters and 2 female cousins (not the one enjoying nudism ) were staying home …..

    So all the men went and reached my uncle farm , (we were told to come back late for the diner …at 8 pm )…so we all chatted …after a while I decided to head home …nothing had prepared me for what I ll found …lol….
    As I arrived , I could not see anyone in the living room , or kitchen , till I noticed the talking from the back veranda , the one overlooking the village .

    As I was walking , I could see some bed sheets hanged around the back veranda and lawn , I could hear all the women chatting / laughing behind ….
    I went to pull one of the bed sheet ….and there they were ….ALL of them nude , enjoying the sun …it was definitively a surprise ….at which one of my auntie said …”what s that face ? We all know you are all nude in the woods “..they all laughed …that s when I found out they all know about everything …almost ;-) ….so I undressed and enjoyed the sun too …that s when it was decided we should go check out CAP D ‘AGDE ….a French city in the south of France were people live nude all year around ( about 15 000 ) and grow to 65000+ in summer …all nude …living nude , working nude ,travelling / visiting ..all nude ….

    Yes I found out that my family enjoy the clothes free lifestyle too , it was a great relieve as I didn’t need to hide anymore ….

    We went to visit the cap d agde as well as other nudists village & beach …there are many places in France that caters for nudists …there are hundreds of thousands Europeans coming to France every year to enjoy the life in the nude ….

    It was hard for me when I moved to England …I remained a home nudist then ….but I felt better when I moved to Hong Kong when I could again walk nude on the beach with my new friends.. at night only hehe … as we could had serious trouble if caught during the day…..

    Since I ve been in Australia , I rediscovered the freedom of being a nudist , there are places …beaches , retreats , clubs all for nudists ….there is a growing number of people discovering the well being of being a nudist …lots of overseas (Asian ) tourists are coming to Australia to experience it .
    In past years I have introduced people to nudism and they are still now either home nudist or social nudists.

    I found that nudism is still misunderstood due to the association of sexual activities with it …most web sites promoting nudism/ naturism are invaded by sexual predators ,people interested in sexual activities only ….
    It all undermine the efforts ,real nudists / naturists , put in promoting real clothes free lifestyle. So most of the time , initially when someone mention nudism / naturism ….the thought of a pervert person pop in the mind ….

    Well let me tell you all that , it could not be further from the true.
    A real nudist will always be respectful of other nudists , there is a “code of conduc

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    That's a really great story, I am bumping it up so others may also find it and give it a read, too.

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    You are so lucky. I wish that I had found such a wonderful place to go so early in my life. I have, however found a paradise not far from home, but our fall is quickly approaching, and soon the colder weather will be upon us. My naturist/nudist club has a sauna and hot tub, however, so it is still very nice to be there in cooler weather and in the rain ( we get a lot of rain). 

    I joined the club as soon as I found it this past July. the shame is, it was founded in 1939. It's very rustic, surrounded by forest, on a mountain with a beautiful view. there is a constitution that is strictly adhered to, and people have to apply for a probationary membership, (which can be denied), then on probation for a year.

    The club has a maximum membership as well, and there is no way it will ever go the way that too many clubs have gone and turn hedonistic.

    I just wish that I could live somewhere as a nudist year round!! I'm so envious!!