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    l am 37 yrs old never got married had any children.l am looking for nudism girl ages 25-45 is will have children..l lived in sarnia ontario canada.l am looking for wife to span rest my life wife.l hope are child can grew up without clothes and shame with there body at allif you afre interesting into this please e-mail me back or chat on yahoo or MSN
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    It's hard enough to find a companion to socialize with as it is, let alone someone who is open-minded to this extent, especially in N.W. Florida. I wish that I had the answer.  Guess I'm looking for the same thing that most of us want; a dinner companion, someone to enjoy the local festivals with, a little recreation AND someone as open-minded as we are.  


    When I lived in the Netherlands, it was much easier. First of all, they are generally more open-minded than we are, and second, as long as you attempt to learn/speak a little of their language, like please & thank-you, (almost everyone there speaks English anyway) you won't have a problem being accepted.  


    I'm still working on being accepted here, after living there for almost 15 years. Talk about culture shock; I got it when I returned to the States.    

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    Well I just winked,so you tell me.I know i've got pix.But i'm not afraid to tell you I think i'm pretty good lookin.What do you think

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