What to do during the winter NEW INDOOR WINTER NUDIST CLUB

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    I am always looking for events/venues and places to meet during the winter as fed up with spending time nude at home.
    What do you do or are you same and looking for places and meets during the winter, if you would like to meet and have or know a place to meet up please do get in touch and lets make arrangements for meets and enjoy the winter the best we can untill summer returns.
    I do not mind travelling a short distance and is only possible during the week in the daytime or the odd sat/sun meets.
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    Well, there is off course the sauna. This is as traditional as it gets. Heating up in the cabin and cooling off in the snow.
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    Well if you live in the Northern hemisphere then your winter time is actually our Summer time in the Southern hemisphere. Why not make a trip to New Zealand and come and experience our beautiful nude beaches, naturist clubs and B&Bs. New Zealand offers many options for both straight naturists and families as well as gay male naturists. Do some research on the net and you shall find!
    Rotorua in New Zealand is famous for its geothermal features, thermal hot pools and hot flowing rivers and this is amazing to experience nature like this, and in many cases to be able to do it nude as well.
    New Zealand as you may also know is surrounded with many forests and walking tracks, lakes and rivers - perfect for exploring and finding those secluded jems where you can shed your clothes and walk free.

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    Hi Terry,
    I suppose you would find Illinois, U.S. a bit far to travel for a meeting of naturist friends. I felt the same as you, so with a nudist friend, we are having our first meeting on the 18th of this month (Oct. '08). I am very pleased with the interest we are receiving.

    If you can find a place to host a meeting, I can give you some ideas to get started.....