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    is there a way to make my erections go down?

    sometimes i get an erection without being aroused. especially when i didnt get enough sleep (i think it has something to do with morning wood and erect being the default state of penises [read about it somewhere]).

    it kind of annoying when it happens, cause i could be standing at the bus stop and it just happens or even when im sitting somewhere (i could have to get up suddenly one day and my bag wont be there)

    well it dosnt show much cause my jean and underwear, but it uncomfortable sometimes.

    do any of you have a way to stop it when it starts, or make it go back down quickly?
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    One day it will go down and no matter what you do, it won't cum back up, little blue pill or not. I don't want to be around when your tune changes for the worse.

    Be happy aand use it while you got it. Some day you won't.

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    Why on earth you would be worrying your pretty little heart about it. I also am blessed with this fella of mine always wanting to stand at attension. I think it's great not to need that blue-pill. Morning noon and night, my penis demands that I, well, I can't say no. Wouldn't that be sort of like 'breach of contract'. I'm very good with wood and my penis knows it. Were a team.


    Stop complaining Sir. And start enjoying this blessed phenomenon.

    Use it or lose it! Thats what I always say................

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    Why would you EVER want your erection to go down? It's one of natures pleasures.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 17, 2009 at 05:10 AM

    geovanne, I have some (good?, bad?) news for you. Erections will not go away just because one is married if you are a young man. Probably God's joking way of insuring that the human race will continue for the indefinite future.

    What causes them to disappear, perhaps forever?, is older age, even healthier older age.

    A 3-part little story can go along with this: (1) -an older male, with the aging older male's prostate problems should spot the rest room quickly as soon as he gets to a newer place. He might need it desperately in a few minutes. (2) - If an older male should be so fortunate as to have an erection, then find some way that it can be used quickly - after all, it might be the very last one that he will ever have. And (3), maybe the most important one of all - NEVER, EVER trust a fart!
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    mpla mpla
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    so im stuck with this till im married?