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    For nudists who had found acquaintance on this site and might had progressed to or trying truly to a meaningful love life. Hopefully we nudists could share our experiences, some could be deviant from societal norms which exist in ourr midst no doubt but dare not face directly. By creating this topic we can share and make this site more interestingly vibrant and liberal. Hopefully the moderators share the view too judging from the nude pictures allowed here the rules are towards openness. Lets face it, nude leads to more in life sensually to intimacy a natural allusion best kept and hide in privacy but we know happening in society no matter how much in denial.  Hope this topic can bring us out and share our real love life experience. 

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    Great writing...

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    Sunny valley,

    Thanks for starting this forum topic. My first nude experience was when I was just 18 on a beach. Since then I have been to countless nude beaches and nude resorts. In all that time, I only met a lover once. I actually have found that on nude beaches, men seem to hit on attractive women LESS often!


    In any case, it was summer in NY, during the work week and I had some time so I went to the nude beach. It is a long and wide nude beach, so I am particular about where I put my blanket. After all, the view of the ocean is great, but also a glance or two at some attractive women always makes the day more pleasant!


    I came across a pretty young woman (about ten years younger than me at the time) and put my blanket down nearby. She was tanning with her legs apart--to get a better overall tan of course ;-) -- and so I found a spot with a good view. Now since this wasn't my first rodeo, I half expected her to close her legs and or completely change position once I was settled. She did not. In fact, after a little while she started to sensuously apply suntan OIL to her body. While of course she was being nonchalant, I'm sure she knew she had an audience. As it turned out, there weren't many others in our vicinity, and even though we both had sunglasses on, we could tell where we were looking.


    As she continued, knowing I was watching, I started to get aroused. Again, I have had all kinds of reactions when this happens on a nude beach. Many women will change direction, a few have left, and for some they either don't seem to mind, or seem to enjoy the sight. This young lady was in the last category. Her application of the oil seemed to get a little more sensuous on her special places, so I let her see what she was enjoying seeing.


    This type of thing continued until I finally said something to her at least an hour later about being careful not to get burned. She replied and smiled. I took that as an invitation and went over and asked if she wanted me to apply the suntan lotion to her back. She agreed. I did. Then I took a chance and asked if she wanted me to do her front too. She again agreed! We kissed in the parking lot before leaving in separate cars, exchanged contact information, and we ended up living together for six months!


    Here is a pic of her taken a few years before this experience. She also had started at this nude beach at about 18, but sometimes went to other beaches and wore a small bikini.

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    Living Doll,

    Thanks for sharing that hot first meeting. I have been in similar situations. I'm glad it all worked out. What you described very well is the energetic/sexual connection between true soulmates. Understand that most people misunderstand the term. They think just because a couple may be together for 20-50 years they must be soulmates! Not true! In fact that is rare. True soulmates have been together before (past lives) and in fact you DIDN'T have sex the first time you met. You had sex with an old lover you haven't seen in perhaps hundreds of years! (and missed). As such, it makes perfect sense. I'm guessing the two of you orgasm very easily with each other.


    Thanks for sharing!



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    First time I visited this topic and I already like it. Yes, in our midst there are lovers and married couples who found love of the unusual kind, much deviating from social norm. They are devoted to themselves and all matter most is happiness and love to them. Just leave them to themselves and if they want to share their life styles we can learn something extraordinary.

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    You are right we can be open and should be what make us happy. God bless you 

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    And all this coming from someone who can't even post photos, even if they are clothed in them. Go figure...

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    I read the entries about having a more open minded vibrant forum where members can share their life styles however deviant from societal ethics. Living is a private matter and recognition of what is happening in real life simply cannot be ignore. I did observe some erotic pics and exposed genitals in the foum too. So moderators should it be accepted to share exotic life styles here which members engage in to seek happiness themselves? Society and the world have changed. Should this site keep up?

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    I support ../../../user_details?user=sunnyvalley" target="_blank, manrunner, sunriser, ibareallboy & ../../../user_details?user=lovelybeau" target="_blank bold remarks. There are definitely sexual lives outside the societal norm and most found happiness and a future even though in denial by the majority conforming to ethical norms. This is a new world, social media give space to broad viewpoints on living, accept these behavior do exist; those who found love disregarding societal values.

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    Note: Please go elsewhere if you are looking for a sexual lifestyle, webcam business promotion, adult site or erotic picture site.


    I saw this note when I created an account thinking it is a puritan site. As I navigated into the site I was surprised to see exposed genitals and peoples in birthday suits and liberal erotic topics. Some forumers I guess live real life styles bordering on the unusual kind of their own making and want to share here. It not that starking given the liberal social media in our midst. Though one can pretend it is not there or disgusted. After all is this already an adult site containing erotic pictures obvious? Not permissible? So is this note obsolete? The moderator of this site should clarify so members can have wider vibrant participation can evolve.

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    It's hard enough to find a companion to socialize with as it is, let alone someone who is open-minded to this extent, especially in N.W. Florida. I wish that I had the answer. 


    When I lived in the Netherlands, it was much easier. First of all, they are generally more open-minded than we are, and second, as long as you attempt to learn/speak a little of their language, like please & thank-you, (almost everyone there speaks English anyway) you won't have a problem being accepted. 


    I'm still working on being accepted here, after living there for almost 15 years. Talk about culture shock; I got it when I returned to the States.    

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    I went online to social media to look for friends as I didn't have much luck in real life. I had many encounters and nothing much besides chatting and never met up with anyone. I am always cautious having heard all sort of creepy stories. I did find a man online I considered worth pursuing further with. After feeling comfortable that he was a decent man I agreed to go on FaceTime to see how he look like. He indeed looked a pleasant handsome man. We chatted every day and enjoyed each other's company, soon we shared contacts and during nights we would talk for hours. We were completely carried away, this continued for few weeks and gradually we decided to meet. This story is about my first experience with love of my life, I feel like writing about it, not because it’s kinky, but I have the urge to, though I omitted much sensational details lest it is offending. I never had any desire of having sex with him at first (neither did he, I guess) but after meeting him everything changed, I won’t bother you with all this as I know you are dying to know my steamy encounter in brief.

    Finally we met, I took a glimpse at him, he hugged me, my whole body trembled at his touch down to my inside and I shivered from within, we spent some time together and had coffee, and we decided to go to his home to continue chatting. On our way back we held each other's hand and my heart was racing at the thoughts that we will spend a fulfilling night knowing each other better not intimately. Though unwittingly we ended beyond my wildest expectation, so much was going through my mind that I did not notice when we reached his place. The moment we entered the room he stepped forward and passionately took me in his arms. After shortly recovering, I too responded and hugged him with my hands. We hugged tightly with my breasts protruding against his chest. He started to caress my back, slowly lifted up my T shirt and I felt his hands wandering, fumbling with my bra strap, I closed my eyes and spontaneously loosened my body, allowing him to do whatever he wanted and enjoyed his caresses. I was pleasantly surprised how I was willingly submitting myself with no restrain. He was tender and a gentleman never forcing himself on me and I could feel he was aroused and his manhood erected pressing against my torso. As I closed my eyes, I felt his warm breath on my face. His mouth was just few inches away and he brushed his lips on mine. I lifted my head and offered my trembling lips to him. Our lips met. He kissed me hard. I responded spontaneously and I felt his tongue moving into my mouth. As our tongues met, my whole body got an electrifying sense surging within me. My body shivering violently. He hugged me tightly with his hand moving towards my breasts. I allowed his free roaming hands and consentingly took his hand and placed it on my breasts. His hand moved over the material of my dress, cupped his palms over each of my full breasts and ever so gently kneaded them.  I was in ultimate pleasure.  He reached further and began to remove my top. I could feel the erecting of my rock hard nipples, screaming to be licked and nibbled. He moved his face between my breasts and slowly nudged the edge of my bra until my nipples were exposed. I moaned loudly as he swallowed my hard nipple in his soft, warm mouth. His hands moved down to my ass and pulled me closer to his body as he continued to lick my nipples. He unhooked my bra so he could have better access to my aching nipples, I ran my fingers along his waist, down and unzipped his pants then slipped my hand inside. One hand held the length of his shaft, the other squeezed his scrotum. I quickly pulled out his full length member. I gasped as his full erectness sprang free and hit me in the stomach. It was a good 8 inches long tool and thick in girth. I looked at his manhood delightfully caressing it and feeling it grew larger, biting my lower lip. Our eyes met and he smiled, knew I was very much aroused to take the next excitement stage. He adjusted me onto the bed and laid me on my back, allowing my legs to dangle off the side of the tale. He knelt down between my legs stripped off my jeans, brought his face to my crotch and inhaled my scent before kissing the sides of my warm thighs. His mouth closed over the damp spot on my panties, and I groaned and moaned softly as his tongue pressed through the lace against my clitoris. He brought his hand to my crotch, deftly pulling the thin material to the side. My wet pussy appeared before him, and he quickly gone on taste my oozing juices. His tongue sent me quivering throughout my body, and I moaned as my body twisted on the bed while he probed and licked. I felt one, followed two fingers intruded into my slits, and as he sucked on my clitoris, I pulled his head into my pussy and cried out in ecstasy as a pleasant climax ran through me. I began by lightly kissing his navel and taut abdominal muscles, gradually moving downward towards his penis. I grabbed it with my hand and started to give him a hand job while I explored his balls with my tongue. This was certainly a new experience for him. He groaned audibly at the new sensation and shifted to allow me full access to his genitals. I licked from the underside of his balls all the way around to the base of his dick, and then slowly swallowed each ball in my delightfully warm mouth. The combination of my licking and sucking on his balls and my rhythmic stroking of his cock proved too much for him to handle and he moved my hand to squeeze the base of his cock to prevent from ejaculating too soon. I understood and slowly stood up, staring intently into his eyes as I did so. He kissed me hard and I could see how eager he was to possess me. I was dripping wet by then ready for the submission.

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    He signaled me wanting me on top of him. I again adjusted myself with him and placed my legs outside of his, straddling his naked body. By widening my stance I was able to lower my pussy down just above his throbbing cock. I began to slowly rub the tip of his dick against my clitoris while passionately kissing his mouth, frantically sliding my tongue over his. Sensing he was ready, I pulled down my wet panties and quickly reached down and grabbed his dick, moving his foreskin back I placed his dick at the entrance of my moist slit, my panties still pulled to the side, then rotated my hips forward to allow penetration. I leaned back slightly so I could enjoy blissfully, he groaned and the look on his face when I slipped his cock inside me made me horny too. As soon as his cock was buried to the hilt and I felt his balls press again my ass, he began to fuck me harder. I held onto the headrest of the bed for leverage as he grabbed one of my ass cheeks in each hand to help me bounce up and down on top of him. Soon I was quivering. As I bounced up and down on his lap, I screamed with heavy breathing that I was close to climaxing. My boobs were bouncing uncontrollably and I could see so much pleasure and hunger on his face, I held one of my boobs and pushed my nipple in his mouth to calm him down. He went crazy at this and started sucking them like a baby. He lifted me up with one swift motion and pushed toward the wall, roughly pinning me against it, all without stopping his thrusting into me.I gasped in delight and gripped hard the back of his hair, holding on for balance. With my legs wrapped around his back, this new angle allowed him to thrust even deeper into my pussy and he knew it wouldn’t take long for both of us to climax. After some good hard strokes I asked him to be on top of me and we were again in bed, with him on top of me loving this position because I could feel his cock go deeper inside.

    He savored every bounce of my tits as he nailed me hungrily sucked on my neck as I moaned in pleasure. He pushed his stiff cock as deep as he could and soon I felt his balls stirring and, perfectly timed, I began to moan loudly as I entered my own orgasm excited him. He grunted loudly and bucked as we both climax together in unison, ejaculated his sperm inside. He gushed so much that I could feel semen streaming continuously into my womb. His cock still locked and pulsating in my pussy, he collapsed on me as he came and buried his cock deep in me. We smooched to soothe ourselves as our moans lingered on. I wrapped my arms around his neck, mouth on his neck leaving a love bite after coming down our orgasm. He didn't mind and reciprocated with one on my neck. He slowly lowered as his cock slide out of my dripping pussy. We hugged and cuddled on the bed. He locked into my eyes and said I am sorry I couldn’t control and ejaculated inside my pussy, I smiled and said don’t worry I will manage that but you won’t go unpunished for that. Though I was worried I might be impregnated without using any contraceptives but the sensation was great which I had never been so enjoyed. We continued with more sessions that night to satisfy our sex desire. We slept nude, explored each other thoroughly through the night and fully exhausted and spent, every session lasted long and left me completely sexually satisfied. He touched and woke me up in the late morning and softly whispered he wanted sex with me again as he rolled on top of me. I was extremely thrilled and couldn't hide my needs. I smiled and held his face, brought it to my nipples and wrapped my legs round his waist. We continued romping the whole day. From that day onwards we met frequently and have marvelous time together as lovers and a couple deeply in love and ever craving for each other. I took a big risk and I still couldn't imagine consummating so willingly with him on our first meeting with no reservation or doubt. I guessed love at first sight does happen and I was lucky to meet a sincere loving man who didn't take advantage of me. I shuddered to think if he was a one-night-stand guy and sex was all he wanted from me. In that case it would be a lesson learned and to be cautious the next time. At time of writing we are still together and very much loving each other with my love for him grow by the day. My wish and hope we can be together loving each other forever; to be his wife, he my husband.

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    Note: Please go elsewhere if you are looking for sexual life style, webcam business promotion, adult site and erotic picture site.

    Also warning posted as:

    The followings will be removed automatically.

    • Offensive, profane, vulgar, abusive or porn messages.
    • Commercial solicitations, including web URLs.
    • Contact information (email, home phone / address, etc.).

    I wonder if the above note (on new sign-on page) and warning will put a damper on what is submitted in here? I saw erotic pictures (total frontage much like Playboy, Adult magazines) on this site so is the enforcement by moderators discretionary? Or the note need revamp to reflect more of liberal contemporary living? I want to be sure what is acceptable before I post if not my time spent on writing is futile. I guess forumers have identical interest but do hold back to be certain.

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    I am caught up in a relationship I think is beautiful and very much in love with her. I wanted to write but I also feel it is daunting to pen, likelihood of brickbats. When I came across this topic in the forum I thought are there peoples also caught up  in a similar affair and best kept in privacy? Afterall we make our lives and only we decide on our future no matter what others view us. I make a choice to seek happiness and it so happened I am different and in a minority until I came across this topic. A good start to come out in the open or should we continue in privacy to avoid disparaging remarks? 

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    It can be a challenging attempt and takes lots of courage to write to the forum on one's real life experience especially a loving relationship consider unethical in mainstream society. I believe sex lead to love as much as love lead to sex and we do partake in sex. At times driven with love of the unacceptable kind to society. Writing personl life style is not to propagate sexism. Just an avenue to expression of a different life style. I do wish this is a beginning and encouragement to share as I believe many living interesting lives but afraid to tell.