Saskatoon nudists ? Naked Canadian Places

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    I live on a river front acreage south of Saskatoon.

    Would enjoy some nudist company once in awhile .

    Lots of space ,sand & privacy .

    good spot for your first time .

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    I stopped at Bare ass beach a couple years ago on my way back to Alberta.  It was early September.  Beautiful sandy beach.  There were about  6  nudies and a 10 textiles. 


    I am curious how it looks now after the  high water from the last 2 years. 



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    There are two nude beaches south of Saskatoon, one on each side of the river, the main one, or so it seems is Cranberry flats, situated near an island or delta where the military once did their practice.  The other is Bare ass beach which is located on a private farm land across the river form Cranberry Flas, and a bit farther down!

    This pic of me is at Cranberry Flats.

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    I live in Manitoba but would be able to get away for a weekend visit perhaps it would be fun to get a group going