where can you walk UK-South of England Nudists

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    where in gloucestershire is it safe to go walking naked, any help would be great
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    Naturist walking is possible in a lot of the uk especially so in the more rural areas, but I do advise choosing your times. You will rarely find anybody taking walks between 6 and 8am on the weekdays. Most who walk dogs don't go too far and as such even this is done from 7.30-8.30. 
    I find scouting the area over a period of time prior to any nudity is always beneficial. Going nude when there's no intent of scaring or disrupting the lives of others is not a crime. 
    If you go out of your way to choose times when it is far less likely to meet any public and always take clothes that you can quickly cover up with then there should be no problem. 

    The other time I find great is late at night - this again is another very unlikely time to meet people. 
    I love being nude and feeling the freedom of no clothes - but I don't try and force it on others. 

    Choose longer walks / forestry etc. 

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    Always difficult to find a nice place to walk nude.
    Thanks for letting us know about this one.
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    Hi Smon877,
    Please read my post of May 14 this year when I gave a description of Whale Wharf, near Littleton on Severn in Gloucestershire. In spite of the poor summer I've been there a few times, walking and sunbathing totally naked. Hoping for an Indian summer in September and October so I can make a few more visits. Maybe see you there?
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    Hey that's the best news I have had for a long time. I often walk for many miles in my home country of Denmark and to find a similar place here in England is wonderful. I will definitely make the journey there, as it is one of my favourite past times - to walk totally nude, not even with a watch on.
    Best wishes, RP
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    A great place to walk and sunbathe naked is on the coast near Littleton on Severn, near Thornbury, in south Gloucestershire. The coast line is rough grassland, good to walk in bare feet on, with good views across the Severn Estuary. It is possible to swim at high tide, but be very careful of the strong offshore currents! Stay close to shore.
    You drive through the village, past the White Hart pub, following the signposts for 'Whale Wharf'. The road is a dead-end with a small car park at its terminus. There is often no one around at all, or maybe a couple of dog walkers and/or sea fishermen. So it is often possible to get naked at your car and walk from there. I have seen a couple of other nudists there, over the years, but it amazes me that it is not more popular!
    You can walk for a mile or more south, towards the old Severn Bridge. That's the least busy direction. There is an old railway wagon, about halfway along, which provides shelter for cattle which graze the grassland.
    Hope to meet fellow nudists there this summer.