raising children in ths lifestyle Looking for nudists on east coast Aust Forward to friends

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    WE are raising 2 girls and like to hear from other family
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    I found naturism in Darwin in 1982; married in '84, to a non-nuist. What was I thinking. My two boys loved to be nude and would go to ConFest with me and be nude until they were 7 & 9. Their mother poisoned them with "it's rude to be nude". So, we're not together anymore. I used to be a director of DTE (runs ConFest) and also ran the DTE sponsored swim night in Melbourne for 7 years, Confab. It still runs, but, due to council insistence (ungrounded fear of paedofiles) only those over 18 can now attend. However, I still go to ConFest; still see families there swimming in their choice of costume/no costume. A nice place to be.
  • View author's info Posted on May 09, 2007 at 11:43 PM

    we have 4 kids 1 girl 7 and 3 boys 9yo ,15 mt and 5 mts.
    the two oldest love being nude as we try to live a nudist lifestyle with a lot of textile friends.lol
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    Hello I bought up my twins a boy and girl as part of our family group thats practised naturalism since as far back as our grandparents.

    My sister has two girls 18 and 18 mine are nearly 19. My sister is divorced her ex could not handle the life style with the two girls my late husband passed away 12 years ago but he was also unhappy with the kids and myself being naked around the house and garden.

    Our kids are well adjusted and they all say their kids will also enjoy the life style that they have enjoyed and the people that they have met.
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