driving naked Sports and travel

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    Looking for other guys who like to drive naked for the free feeling.
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    Nice , very nice x

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    Quoting author:

    anyone ever gone through a drive through naked? you know mcdonalds or something?

    i always drive naked between local resorts and most shopping, and always use the drive-thru for bank, post office, drugstore, mcdonalds, doughnuts, etc, but still need to keep shorts in the car for gas and groceries...

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    I've driven completely naked from Toronto to Montreal. Lots of truckers saw me.


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    Yes I definitely do drive naked. 

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    I quickly pulled into a track. I got out and took a blanket out. They joined me and were soon fucking each other. He rolled over and I replaced him. We spent a little time fondling and kissing and then went on our way. I dropped them at a camp site with a promise to see them again.

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    Been hot and stormy here. Went to DIY store yesterday morning, just shorts on going. Noticed a couple of hitch hikers on side of rode. Put shirt on for store and took it off back at car. Set off for home, looking forward to driving nude through woods.

    Couple were still on road but a little further up so stopped to see if I could take them. Dutch man and woman in their early 30's. Both lightly dressed and hot and bothered. They readily accepted the lift. He got in back and she sat in front. They were making their way around the region with no set timetable. She said it was nice to have the air conditioning. I cranked it up and she began lifting her tee shirt to get the air on her body. I said I was going to take a side road through the woods. They both said that that would be nice. He had opened his shirt and she was lifting hers higher.

    I jokingly said that they could undress if they wanted to as it was usually quiet through the woods. She quickly took her seat belt off and stripped. Nice melon shaped tits with small nipples, shaven pussy and all over tan. As he began to undress I pulled onto side and dropped my shorts. I pulled away again, slowly though. She said it was nice to see I was tanned as well. They both liked to be nude as often as possible.

    She put her legs up and directed the vent onto her pussy. I was beginning to twitch. I glanced back to see him rubbing his erect cock. I asked if they were planning to go to any beaches. He said that they had no plans to but were seeing what happens each day and what direction they went. She had parted her lips and was moaning.

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    Hi, Im Peter from New Zealand. I love driving naked in summer time, especially long journeys.
    It is so comfortable and free feeling. This pic Im on the Kapiti Coast after driving from Wellington about to check out the beach.

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    Recently had a drive naked. Had been shopping. Storm had just finished and was quite muggy. Decided to take scenic route through woods back home. Nice straight road. Got to woods, stripped off and cruised. Got about two kilometres along and noticed motorbike coming up behind me. Slowed slightly and let it pass. Surprisingly it also slowed and dropped back along side me.
    To late to cover up. Couple on bike having a good look. They pulled ahead slightly and motioned for me to pull over. I was a bit warry but did. They pulled along side and as i opened the window the passenger unzipped her leathers to reveal that she was naked underneath. I was erect now. She pointed to the trees and i nodded. They parked up and went into the trees, with me following.
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    Yes drive to and from my beach nude, try not to go anywhere clothed, always have a towel nearby to cover if pulled up, lo! (by polise) open to all to join me.
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    i am in Car!

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    Would love to do it, but I only own a motorbike.

    Any nice girls inviting me for a drive in their car? ;)
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    Many years ago, I was driving with girlfriend on a long straight road in a desert area of CA and stopped in a remote part to make love. We had just finished when we saw a car in the distance, so moved quickly from back seat to front seats and drove off. The other car overtook us, obviously on cruise, with the driver having both his feet out of the front passenger window. We later overtook him, (quite slowly at the point of passing) with me driving and my gf's very dainty feet with painted toenails sticking out of my window. He didn't know and couldn't see that I was naked but he could see her 44 DD's and beamed a big smile. We enjoyed that and didn't put clothes on for about 50 miles.
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    thats a flash golf cart you have
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    Hello again - Jessenakedman here and I got your message about NF not letting you read my comments to you and your Dad
    I have been driving naked since 1985- a happy accident during the very hot summer of 1985.You are correct in what an utterly unique feeling that it is and continues to be for me. Let's meet at Sandy Hook before the summer is finished. I ALWAYS drive there naked from Staten Island - I hope to hear from you again SOON. Jessenakedman aka Ian J. Tree

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    Nothing feels MORE exciting than being out on the open highway completely totally NAKED. The overwhelming sensation can be a thrillingly climax. Dad & I often drive naked from nudist beach back and forth. Or on long summer journey's on country roads. But we have also drive right straight thru downtowns exhilerated. It often carry's sexual overtones that is (un) beatable in its excitement. If you haven't tried it - slip off your pants all the way without a shirt and experience. Awesome feeling of sheer nakedness
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    We drove all the way home from the nudist resort naked today,it felt great.
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    lets do it