How much into Nudism are you Comments and Suggestions

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    How much into nudism are you.

    A few questions: answer whether you;  a) Would like to do this. b) occaisionally have, c) done it regualrly or d) Would never do this. 

    1. Do you sleep in the nude

    2. Apart from showering or sex do you go around inside your house in summer months in the nude.

    3. When nude in your house do you let other family members see you

    4. Have you been nude outside in the back yard where neighbours could see you (even if in a partially secluded spot).

    5. Have you ever belonged to a nudist club.

    6. Have you been nude at a nude clothing optional beach / resort

    7. Have you been nude in a secluded spot at a public park.

    8. Have you modelled nude for a group of clothed artists.

    9. Have you modelled nude for a clothed photographer either as an idividual or in a mass nude photoshoot.

    10. Have you ever been nude in a public place where there are a large number of clothed people.


    My answers are:  1 c (especially summer months), 2 c, 3 a (my ex brought my kids up to believe that nudity is wrong), 4 c, 5 c , 6 c, 7 c, 8 c, 9 b (once for an individual shoot, and once for a mass nude photoshoot), 10 a (provided I had assurances that no complaints would be made) 


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    1-4; 5 not as a member; 6-7; 8 no; 9 yes nude photographer; 10 no

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    Have been to club but not been a member Not sure I want to now

    Have been to both like to go the resort the most this was in the bay of plenty.

    Have modelled for and been the photgraher many times It the best way to get understanding for what you want show in the photo



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    5 never bin a member but would join one if there was one near



    10....b 4 or 5 times...mostly at festivals and events like the naked bike ride