my daughter the nudist females nudist from florida for friends or more

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    my daughter wants to be a nudist and i do not know how to take her to a nudist club. Any ideas from families with the same issue please let me know.
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    I am a member of AANR if she is ever in SW Alabama or NW Florida I would be happy to take her to a nude resort
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    I have six girls and five of them are nudist. There is a great resort to start in Person Fl called sunny sands.

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    HI,I think that you should let her go nude together around the house with you and mom and maybe a few close friends of hers and yours.Holla!
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    suggested it was that you try a nude beach for comfort level.. Blacks Beach in San Diego has been one in the past where several folks get acquainted with whether or not to go without...
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    Hello Gadget Master here To go to a Nudist club you need to be an aanr Member call 1-800-try-Nude

    Or you can try a Nudist Beach for Free
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    The most important thing is to encourage your daughter to be proud of her body--and to stay completely naked at all times at home. Encourage her to invite her friends and introduce them to the nudist lifestyle--and, of course, encourage her to join a nudist camp or club as soon as possible. There she will be surrounded by proud men and women with all of themselves hanging out--just the way Nature intended!

    She will be happy and fulfilled. You are fortunate to have such a beautiful daughter with a healthy interest in nudism and nudists.
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    you didn't say whether she has seen you & Mom nude. Nor her age nor whether she has been to a resort as a fam. etc.
    If mom & dad are comfortable with her along, then Id say let her try it to see what she thinks. I would go to a larger resort with all the rules and such so that she becomes aware of the usual expectations of a nudist by others.
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    if you are a nudist, call ahead to a nearby resort that is AANR sanctioned and ask if they have activities for young adults/teens. Club/resort should be a family-oriented.
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    I would love to chat with you about the big island.... I have been there once but never found a good beach to go nude without getting into trouble... e-mail me if you would like...
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    gooday, i have three young daughters under 10 and they enjoy being nude almost as much as i do. i have always been nude at home and they dont even notice it anymore but since thats not the case for you, i would suggest lots of discussion and then if she would like to take it further, i expect its easier to try going nude at home than on a public beach. However, if she is shy to be nude in front of you at home, then maybe go to a quiet and safe nudist beach and let her go nude at her own pace, which may not be oin the first visit. anyways, good luck and let us know how you go
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    Just take her to Dakota Hot Springs which is not too out there. She can be clothed and see if she is comfortable.
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    She is 33 now & has a good open life.It is not a sexual thing it is just a part of life.We NEVER did anythingsexual infront of our daughter.That was always a privte issue that wasn't shared while the daughter was around.My daughter knew that when the bed room door was closed that she HAD to knock on the door & could not enter untill we said OK.So as you can see there was nothing sexual about the issue of taking showers together.I know that a has been social worker thinks that it was all wrong by our showering together.Maybe that's why she is an ex-social worker!I also wouldn't take what she has to say to heart.Right Sunnytiff?I don't need to upload a picture as she knows who Iam.
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    It has been my experince that after being around 2 daughters that you let her make the 1st move by asking her what type of beach she would like to go to.Now if she wants to go to a nude beach,then you start up a conversation about what to expect when you arrive.My ex-wifes youngest girl talked to me for months before she wanted to try out "MY" beach.If she is as mature enough to understand what you tell her then you won't have any problems.When you arrive @ the beach/resort you put your towels down & @ 1st just act like you are at a public beach.Let her make the 1st move to disrobe.If she ask if your going to say yes & start disrobing alittle slower than her so as not to seem overly anxious in being nude.The 1st time I was nude in front of my youngest daughter was when I came home from a run to the east coast & back.Her mother & I always took showers together so it didn't shock her mother as it did to me.But after getting over the request & what happens if I got an erection while she was in the shower with me our daughter almost always took a shower together after that.In fact it became a natural thing from there on,except for when her mother & I went in to clean up after making love.So I don't think you should read anything into it but what it is.She just wants to sort of check things out to see if she wants to go all the way to being nude.I hope this will help you & that you & I can email back & forth.Let me know how it goes.
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    ho old is she?
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    aanr is a good start they are on the internet also
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    I think you need to maybe get her used to being naked while at home first. That's what we did with our Daughters when they are about 7 and 9. After a few months we all went to a great family resort together. There still were many questions such as, why do some have hair and some don't. (We Are shaved). some men and women bigger that others. We explained all their questions and they were fine with that. Now they are older of course but never had a problem.

    Good luck

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    Well if you contact AANR they can give you info on being a nudist/naturist and on local clubs or resorts.Then after going through the info you can contact the clubs or resorts to get more info from them.