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    So let me ask you,what is this profession's goal?
    From what have come to see in previous elections and such after the fact actions of said elected officials, the good of the people is either a distraction, or an after thought of [our representatives]
    What the hell is that all about?
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    Isn't this the religon forum? Not politics.
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    thinks hyperpoly said it well. i didnt read the previous posts but made alot of sence to me. strange how a language barrior often raises the hair on peoples backs further causing more of a distance betwen the two (or more) speeking. politicians offer no help for this dilema; often accused of not speeking plain english. since we are in the religion section . wasnt it God who caused us to speek different languages to keep us from organising to build towers to the "Gods".
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 22, 2005 at 06:10 PM

    What? You are Canadian and you do not know what is going on in the United States? You are only concerned with what is happening in Canada? Are you a latent US citizen? :)

    He was expressing his frustration with the politics here in America, with people seeming concerned about us but ultimately pushing only their own selfish agendas (all the while crying out for the "good of the people," a technique perfected by former nj gov florio). Especially after we were burned for eight years with a president-wannabe in the office pushing her agendas through her mouthpiece

    To the American gentleman: In the end, a politician is a politician. Even the Great President Reagan was first a politician, although he will be remembered for his significant accomplishments. And our future Great current President is also a politician first, but will also be remembered for his significant accomplishments.

    All were politicians first: Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington. As were all the others of their respective days. The miracle is that they were able to get anything done after all. After all, they fought, compromised, and finally created the greatest gift of this country to the world: The Constitution of the United States of America. It ranks right up there with other miracles: Easter Island, the Great Pyramids building techniques, and how that NY senator ever got in in the first place.