Question:Ladies---What pictures do you look for when looking Comments and Suggestions

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    Ladies --


    When you are looking at guys in here, what pictures do you want to see?


    Obviously, I would think a good picture of a guy's face. 


    Full nude body shots in nature?

    Close up of a guy's tool? (Guys seem to like doing this but do you like thes?)

    Clothed ?

    Full nude but not full monty?


    Describe what you want to see before you contact a guy in here.

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    First and most importantly, face, other than that, I don't mind nude shots providing a natural naturist one. What I don't like are deliberate genital shots, they are a definite turn off for me.

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    That's a good point Joelle74

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 05, 2014 at 03:54 PM

    The face for sure.  Waist to shoulders up with some back that it doesn't look like a picture for work.  Clothed or unclothed doesn't matter.  Since this is a nudist site, i understand some of the reasoning for the full nude shots.  I think we can tell the difference of the pic being sexually driven or more of a candid this is me...granted that is subjective.