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    I'm new to nudism, and even though I've always enjoyed being naked I don't think my wife has fully understood why.  Basically, my question is, how do you not offend neighbors and if you are on private property with an access road that goes through the middle of it, how do you not get in trouble with the law even if the neighbor drives by and takes a picture of you?
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    In west Houston, an acquaintance of mine was skinny dipping in her own backyard pool.  She got a visit from the cops because a neighbor called them.  They basically told her "don't do it".  A different pair of cops may have had a worse solution.
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    bassically i understand that you have a house with a large yard, long driveway that leads to a not so busy road, sorry to tell you this but even if it is your property its consedered public lewdness if people can see you, only if you have a farm and there are miles of private property where people are far away from you, you can do it as much as you want, in a small house, no matter how big the yard is, people can see you and call the police, you  need to enroll in a club or visit the beach in designated areas for that, there are even histories of people that got into trouble for being naked inside their own homes, if the curtains are not closed or transparent people can see u, got a visit from the cops
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    It may not be what you want to hear but not too long ago, a woman and her child saw a gentleman nude inside his home while they were cutting through his yard.  He was arrested by Fairfax County police and taken to trial for indecent exposure.  Fortunately sanity prevailed and the jury found him not guilty.  However the man was forced to move as a result.