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    Can a buddhist like nude ?
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    "However, I believe that if God wanted us to wear cloths all ther time, we would been born wearing them."
    Could that be the most stupid statement ever made?
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    Since organized religion is a well-funded industry intended only to control others with fabricated stories, superstition and fear I rejected it years ago.  My beliefs are Naturist and Humanist.

    If a person chooses to worship and donate money to a fictional entity that lives in the clouds and keeps a report card on everyone, and, at the same time causing catastrophes and disasters then requiring people to beg and plead for him to fix the problem, that's their right.  Having said that I resent the "religious" people and the media doing everything they can to condemn and punish those of us that have beliefs that are not the same as theirs.

    Generally, it appears that religion and Naturism/nudism are incompatible.
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    i use nudism to ground myself with the earth energis anyone else do grounding

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 03, 2012 at 02:38 PM

    This subject is one close to my heart.  I was born and raised catholic just so you know my origins.  I think that anyone can be anything they choose.  The world is full of people with contradictions in their thoughts.
    When nudism was in its infancy, nudists went out of their way to proclaim their wholesomeness in accordance with the prevailing orthodoxy.  Hence, early nudist "camps" and resorts were very puritanistic.  Many if not most remain that way.  Since the authorities have not found legal ways to stop adults from "swinging" and such, I think that there has been some relaxation in nudist circles.  This is just my impression admittedly.
    What many, if not most, people have not considered is the fact(in my mind anyway)that nudism is a step away from christianity in particular.  Religion seeks a tight control over sexuality including modesty as a virtue.   They believe that humans are inherently sinful especially in regard to seeking sexual pleasure.  They know that sexuality is inherent in the human being and that many, if not most at least sometimes, will not be able to meet the strict standard that has been set.  The sinners will then feel guilty and will seek the comfort of the/a church.  They seek to control humans through guilt which they must know will result.
    Many, many years ago I rejected religion only in part because of a healthy skepticism which refuses to allow me to believe in spirits be they ghosts, souls, angels or gods.  A major factor was my inability to accept guilt for my human nature.  Pleasure is a legitimate part in the pursuit of happiness to which everyone knows we have an inalienable right.
    It is true that it is possible to maintain a barrier between nudity and sexuality.  Nudity does not translate automatically into sex, but I maintain that nudism is a rejection of the christian virtue of modesty and (as religion well knows) puts us in what catholics refer to as the "near occasion of sin".
    I embrace my humanity, and everytime that I get naked socially I feel that I am proclaiming my humanity over the idealistic notion that the "real" me is a disembodied spirit that will only be at peace in the afterworld.
    Respectfully submitted, Jay
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    Yes, I believe anyone can be nude if they really want to. Having a clear conscience would depend on whether you chose to deal things in your heart. Pray about it if you want to. However, I believe that if God wanted us to wear cloths all ther time, we would been born wearing them. So, it stsnds to reason that anyone can choose to be nude. However, wear cloths when practical and find a time an a place to be nude.
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    Duke64 write:
    I'm a Sokka Gakkai Buddhist and yes I enjoy being nude while chanting at home as well as whenever possible. The SGI-USA(the originization I belong to) kinda' frowns on it, but they have given permission for nude chanting, as long as we have the same respect and attitude towards the Gohonzon as we do when textiled, after all Shakamuni and Nichiren did go nude from time to time. Besides in Buddhism we allow for cultural differences in our practice as long as we do not do harm to others in words, thoughts and deeds. I haven't found any other Buddhist to practice nude with as of yet, but we chant for it and it will happen. So, if there are any out there doing the closet nudist buddhist thing, there are those of us that are out and free, please join us.

    Dear Mr. Duke64,

    Thank you very much for your message.

    I believe what you have said because you, being a buddhist of SGI-USA i.e. student of Nichiren Daishonin & Ikeda, will not lie.

    Thanks again !

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    Whatever religion you practice, there should be no reason not to enjoy nudism.
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    OLIVERSLIP write:
    Can a buddhist like nude ?

    Why wouldn't he ?
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 01, 2006 at 01:08 AM

    Why not?
    Religion and/or politics has nothing to do with nudism.
    Spread the gospel!