does size matter? GEORGE NUDISTS

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    I wanna know..
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    id say listening and tuning into each other matters most, along with endurance, but size definitely matters too... im over 8 and above average when im inspired, smaller than average when im not, and ill admit i enjoy the extra attention when women notice... often just a smile with a playful fondle, sometimes more at a 'lifestyle' party where most are smaller, and extra length also makes it easier to explore spontaneous moments while standing and more creative positions...


    downside is that over the years ive had several partners who were literally too small (not deep enuff), so they had to use two fingers around my shaft to prevent full penetration, and i generally had to avoid serious pounding... ive also had several partners who were literally so cavernous (and not from any long term kinks or abuse...) that it could be hard for me to cum, and i could only satisfy them with serious effort in optimized positions...

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    me and my son are both around 6 inches my wife says he's bigger. I dont think size matters but it's all preference

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    GIRLS LIKE BIG SIZE      Men LIKE BIg BOOBS  were is partys for nudsists in GA ?

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    LOL!!  Very true!


    When my wife was younger she was very physically active: playing volleyball, basketball and water polo - or running around the pool area - at the nudist resort.  She loved being active; although she didn't enjoy so much her big boobs "flopping all over the place."  I'm sure people enjoyed the "show"; but she'd complain about how uncomfortable it was, and how she felt smaller titties were better suited for nudist activities.


    Being well-hung is not as fun as it sounds!

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    I guess it only becomes a problem for some people psychologically!  It’s probably a bit like the female gender for what ever reason they have got to have their breasts bigger!and bigger! and then follows the problems for a lot where they are to big and uncomfortable, they then have to go for a breast reduction?

    so guys if you think size matters just think again!  Would you be happy with such a size that every time you were walking or running down the beach it was slapping your “thighs” and every time you went out in public clothed you had to keep strapping your penis down??

    For me i think not.......

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    It depends on what you're looking for.  If you're looking for attention from the ladies, it may be a factor.  But if you're just looking to enjoy yourself, it does not matter.


    Yes; women do look at penis.  But it's your choice to get hung up on it or not.


    Personally, I like a little shrinkage.  I'll take a colder shower at the resort or jump in some cool water.  The reason for this is that I'm a very active nudist, and shrinkage allows me to run, jump, play volleyball without swinging all over the place.  It's more comfortable and more liberating.

    One time I was at the nude beach; the water was cool and I had just finish swimming.  I overheard a naughty girl sitting in front of me commenting on my shrunken penis.  I just laughed to myself.  If she'd seen me in my normal state she probably wouldn't have been joking about it.  I could have cared less about her rudeness.  I don't get naked for women to look at my penis in the first place.



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    There are more important things in life, just enjoy being nud


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    i am not large nor am i small ( average i guess ) and my wife has no complaints, she says its not how big or small but how it is used

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    You aremucha over above the normal
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    I thimk you may ne mistaken. Naturisum may be daying in the world due to various concepts. I think you should be able to do what you like. Others do not have to look as they have moving eyes & heads
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    I totally agree with NudeinSummer's take on it. I'm pretty loose¿ cut( thankfully but would not have it done by choice for sure)-and since most Males in the USA have no real choice when it is done at birth, 4 skin is a luxury. (thank goodness this practice is slowing in the USA-My 22yo son is intact). So I'm a bit past average, but don't 'all go out to the porn shops, I'm not in one mag or film ! LOL!!!! I have never been told I was lacking-and since most males gain size with someone that they love and have an emotional attachment to during sex, (yes sometimes over an inch in length and girth)-I have to agree that it's the love that more times than not makes the passion of sex so good. Of course if a woman goes to bed with a male on the premice that she wants a HUGE erection in her and he is "typical", well then size does matter-to her that is. That Male will have a good time either way-Shallow sex is a very selfish and destructive thing tho. See how easy Felmales have it? We Males never know nor care about "their" size of genetalia! But then men might!

    *The picture of some skinny guy with a "third leg", not having any other "Male" attributes being seen as a "Dick God" strikes me as pretty funny actually. Those Females I have been with my 52 years enjoy the whole body, well worked chest, nice abs, strong legs and butt, A "Working Man's" body-not CK's!-a penis is a very small amount of body mass to the rest of what Males have to use to please their Females. And Females know what they want-so "knowledge" will get a Male-no matter how "BIG" he is, pretty darn far in life I think. Add love and caring and all Males are "LARGE"! Be good

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    wife says it doesnt matter we tryed bigger ones she didnt like them that she liked the same size as me some big ones hurt her they were to rough told that but then end up again rough
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    size dont matter all that matters is if it has a foreskin like god made it to look like
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    Of coarse size matters.
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    The first time I was at a nude beach w my wife is when she got to "compare" It was quite obvious I was the smallest man there and she had fun letting me know it.

    While she was making light of it, I could see her face and eyes as larger men passed by.
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    My first thought is that old joke: There are two things I hate in life: Size Queens.

    I, myself, am many times a grower not a show-er and love that I have an above-average size.

    That said, however, both of my former partners were less than average and it was about loving each other as we are.
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    @ Timberwolf36066 :

    A "true nudist"? - lol - There is no such thing as a "true nudist". It is ridiculous to think in such terms. Nudists are different just like people are different. It is elite thinking in order to raise above others. Just like the Nazis did with their crazy "Arische Rasse" theory. What we need instead is love, devotion and surrender.
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    I feel, there is a lot more to a man than just his size.
    It should not matter - regardless.