sorry fellers,we are looking for couples or single females, Looking for nudists on east coast Aust

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    We have been inner dated with males,we are looking for couples and single females,we do not wish to offend anyone,but shorely there are enough females out there to join you,in the lifestyle of nudism.The nudest movement needs us males to introduce more people into this lifestyle,I for one have done that many times over.Be proud to others that you are a nudest,and hold your head high,tell others,as they most probably are jealous,as they would love to have the guts to do what we do,we wish you luck in your recruiting

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    Hi there Beachlovers89,i understand where alot of single males come from,it's very hard to find females that are open nudests like us all,but it does become a point where enough is enough,especially the sleezy ones.It does seam to be alot of couples are from overseas,pitty not more here in Australia.You should hit us up if in the Ipswich area,although i am in Canberra right at the moment,not frendily for nudests at the moment for the Eastern sea bourd,at all.Wishing i was up north again past Rocky,well hit us up if you wish for a chat,so we get to know you both,cheers skip and maree.xoxoxo
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    We know how you feel and have the same issues...been chatting to lots of lovely couple overseas ...but they are so far away!
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    There must be lots of female nudists out there but they are to scared to join a male as a friend because there are so many idiots out there. I would love to meet a lady or 2 who just want company so they feel safe. I would go with them to Fraser Island where I go and spend some time in the nude. Come on girls, not all men are bad.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 21, 2008 at 11:25 PM

    shame to hear that. good luck in your search.

    if you change your minds drop me a line.