Nudism and Bisexuality Friendship

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    Obviously, naturists tend to be generally more open minded than the general public. Is it for this reason that so many turn out to be bisexual? ... or at least try-sexual?
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    It's amazing how many straights (more men than women) enjoy a fling with the same sex. A lot of wemen get a buzz seeing their man with another man.

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    I started being bi when I was young with my grand parents. Forward a few years and I started going to a local beach that tolerated nudity. Opened up a whole new life. Didn't matter about age, size or persuassion. Got invited to join a group of friends who had nude coffee meetings. I worked shifts so was able to attend once in a while.

    Male and female, all ages, were present and a few were related. It was a lovely atmosphere. Never any jealosy. It was not an orgy situation but a lot went on. If we met outside there was never any embarrasment.

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    I would say that being a nudist, going to nudist resorts, or enjoying your nudity around the house, are a sure sign of being comfortable with your own body, which usually (but not invariably) means you are comfortable with your sexuality. But whether that sexuality is more likely to be bi or straight or gay.... I suspect it's about the same as in the clothing-non-optional community.


    But sometimes openness does correlate with being open to both sexes, so maybe there are more of us bisexuals on the nude beaches, lounging nude in the backyard, or spending time at nudist colonies and communities.  Certainly there's a higher degree of exhibitionism.  But that's claimed equally by straight, bi, and gay!


    In my own case, I discovered I was bi before I discovered I enjoyed going nude.  I'm sure there are many others for whom the development goes in the reverse order.


    The main point is, straight, gay, or bi, to be comfortable with yourself - your body, your mind, your sexuality. After all, sex is sex when you get right down to it.

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    Quoting author:

    I have always said to my husband, "best of both worlds".

    Yes, I agree.

    You can have the best ofboth world !

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    I have always said to my husband, "best of both worlds".

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 01:32 PM

    I have always said to my husband, "best of both worlds".

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 01:32 PM

    I havr always said to my husband, "best of both worlds".

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    I enjoy naturism and I enjoy losing some of the inhibitions that come with clothing. I feel free to respond sexually when I am attracted to another man.
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    i think that people, male and female, who enjoy nudism as usually more sexually open minded than non-nudists.  I know that naturism and sex are separate for some people, but i find them very closely related (i'm a straight man but i would easily admire a man's cock). i'm probably bi-sexual though.
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    ive been fondled and masterbated  and sucked by guys in saunas, on nudist beaches and other places and made to cum every time, but ive never had the desire to return the favour to them, ive never had another mans cock in my hand and certainly dont want one in my mouth, or in anywhere else for that matter!!, i get aroused when i see naked men or women, more by women, i like to see a man cum, am i bi, just a bit, maybe, i dont know!! i just like to cum, anytime, anywhere, by anyone!!!
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    WOW, I guess its more common than I first thought,personally I think I'm 30% Bi.Which means a woman will always win out over a man. None the less I show respect too all.
    How did I find out I am Bi, I started going to a non-legal beach in QLD,mostly male dominated and I have no problems with that. I would stop and talk to anyone who approached me and never had any sexual desires....untill.and yes it was while naked on the beach but I firmly beleive the same connection would have happened in a pub.So nudism and bisexuality I think the bisexuality is already inate perhaps nudism just brings it out in some people as alcohol does for others.
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    I love being nude and try to go the the beach or find a quiet park when I can,,I am also bi but havent engaged sex with a man in long time...I do enjoy looking at nude men and wlll always enjoy the ladies when i can......
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    I've known I was bi since I was in high school, but didn't get into nudity until after I got out of the military and was living on my own. I guess my sexual orientation had a part to play in me becoming a nudist, but I also just feel more comfortable now without clothes. I rarely wear them at home, even in the winter, unless I have company or am outside. I unfortunately haven't been to any nude beaches or resorts as of yet. But if the opportunity presented itself I would have no problem with it. I think 1 common misconception about bisexual people, and even gay people, is we are attracted to every member of our own gender. But that simply isn't true. Same standards for the most part as a straight person. But I can say with some certainty that if i ever went to a nude beach or resort i would probably aroused while in the company of others. i would define myself as a very sexual person, but at the same time I could probably feel more at home around other nudist without it being sexual as well.
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    I think those of us that are comfortable being naked in front of other like-minded people are naturally appreciative of the human form. So if you are hanging out with another person that feels the same way, it's only natural to be mutually turned on and curious. Nothing serious, just getting back to basics!
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    Yeah it's nice I can share this with you I have a hard time explaining this about being bi-sexual.

    I felt at ease when I was at my gym in the steam room when another man saw me and ask if he could touch my body and from there I knew I was bi.

    I love it and enjoy that another man likes my body and the fact seeing a man getting hard seeing me makes me fell good.

    My two girlsfriends no I'm bi and the way I look I should get into doing "gay porn"

    What a turn on by my two girlfriends watching nude doing a guy.

    Thank you for letting me tell this story.