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    I began chatting on the so called Home Nudist Chat rooms on my browser and found most of them to be fakes. They all said they only went nude in their own homes and a few said they had been to Haulover Beach in Miami or had been to hidden River near Jacksonville Fla. On quizzing them, they knew nothing about either place and didn't even know where they were.
      I did meet one man, he was a nudist but his wife wasn't but allowed him his choice. He was on the chatroom and since I was from not far away, we got to chatting. It turned out I had met him in person. He worked for a Machine Shop Tool supply company not far,half a mile as the crow flys, from where I live. One afternoon I was having trouble finding the source of a gas smell at my place and he had just broke for lunch, so he said he would come over and help me find and cap it off. As he drove over, I made some hamburgers and got them on the grill, away from the trailer of course, and we soon found the leak and got it repaired. He ahd brought a tubing cutter and splicer to repair it. We then ate the burgers and chatted. He wasn't a bi-sexual and neither am I so I did not feel ill at ease with him and a few days later he again came over for lunch and we sat in a section of my yard I had fenced for privacy from the other three mobiles on the lot. He suggested I get some PVC tubeing and a full circler sprinkler head and make a tall sprayer to sit under in place of a pool, to stay cool in the summer. Many days he came over and we sat talking unnder the fine mist of clean well water from the deep well on the lot.
     One morning I went to his place of employment to pick up some parts he had ordered for me and there was a Funeral Wreath in the lobby and it had his name on it( I'll not give it here for his protection). I ask afor him and was told he had went to a movie on Saturday evening and as he got out of the car at home, he had a Heart attack and died on the spot.
     I miss my friend and wish he was still around as so many of the others on that chat room have said bad things about the two of us being friedly and that he was openly gay. If he was, he never showed that side to me and I still take him as a straight male who liked being nude with others, male or female
      Rest in peace on that big Nude Beach my friend!
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    after the massage

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    Hi, Read you story and it so sad to hear things like this. You make a point about home nudist, my reason for being mostly a home nudist is the fact 12 months ago I had a liver transplant. One of my anti-rejection tablets made me very prone to skin cancer which I now have.  I do go outdoors but have to be very careful of the weather, my op scars are visible on my photos which is open to view. I just thought I should make a point of this, to me any nudist is a nudist. On saying that I have come across some sickos on nudist sites. Take care and stay nude.

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    Wow, what a nice story, so sad that he passed away though, he sounded a great guy.
    Thanks for sharing that with us all.

    Neil (UK)