Answering the door, but not quite nude nudist story

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    Today had two people and man and woman come to my door selling magazines or something, with a loooong speech about some group their with, I answered the door, no shirt and scrub pants, hanging very low on my hips. They didnt seem to mind me standing at the door like this. Other than nude, has any one else answered the door in something skimpy, sheer or barely covering....
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    I've answered the door many times just wearing a small towel, especially during the hot summer months. I worked from home so I could go around nude all day, and when I wasn't too busy with work I loved to sunbathe out back and soak up the Sun. I have to say that my home is a little bit off the beaten track so I don't normally get too many strangers knocking on the door.

    One particular day, actually early evening, I heard the doorbell ring so put a little towel around me and went to answer the door. To my horror there standing on my porch was this very busty beautiful lady in her late 30s and her husband, who happened to be the local sheriff out canvassing for his re-election.  He just smiled at my almost naked state, as too did his wife, and he proceeded to to ask for my vote in the upcoming election.  I jokingly made the quit that someone must have given him a map and a compass as this was the first time I ever saw him around my area. They both laughed at my sarcasm. 

    They seemed to be a very nice affable couple and as we stood there chatting I couldn't hep but notice her wearing quite a low cut dress. She seemed to be a woman who enjoyed showing off her very ample portfolio. I made my apologies about my state of undress saying that I had been out back enjoying the last of the Sun for the day and I thought it was just some friends stopping by. He just smiled and said he wished he was doing the same thing instead of having to go around knocking on doors canvassing. I invited them in for a cold drink but he said they had a few houses yet to cover in the area but If I didn't mind they'd love to stop by on their way back and take me up on my offer. I said sure and off the went.

    Well about hour later they both arrived back at my place and not wanting them to think I was a bit "weird" I had changed into a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. As we greeted each other again his wife, with a smile on her face, commented that they thought I would still be wearing my towel. We all laughed and I said that I didn't want to offend them but he made the comment that it was my house and I could go around any way I liked, and furthermore had my nakedness bothered them they wouldn't have stopped back. I jokingly said in that case I'll go change back into my towel and he just said go for it.

    After changing again I took them on a little tour of the house and the property which is partially wooded and they both loved the tranquility of the place. I told them that's why I bought it and that I could go around nude all day and not bother anyone. After going back to the house we went back to our drinks and for hours just talked about everything and anything. It was a very pleasant experience just sitting at the kitchen bar chatting to them knowing that the little towel didn't do a damn thing to conceal my nakedness, or to be honest, my arousal at the situation and what's more they didn't mind in the slightest. It's been ten years since I first met them and over the years we've become very close friends. We see each other all the time now and he's still the local Sheriff, in fact their daughter now works for me. It's funny how people come into your life isn't it?

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    We live in the country and in the warm weather are always naked, many times one or other of us or even both have been caught bare by callers who just come in through the gate. Our friends now shout out before entering to say they are there. 


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    Back when we lived outside of Austin we all went nude at home.  We lived in the country and didn't get many visitors.  The front door was open and when I passed by I was surprised to see a girl about 19 or 20 standing there.  She said she was just about to knock so I opened the screen door and invited her in.  My wife and two kids were inside all nude of course.  She came in and said she was looking for her dog and wanted to know if we had seen him.  We all said sorry but no we hadn't seen him.  She didn't seem in any hurry to leave so my wife asked her if she would like something to drink.  She said OK so my wife went to get her some tea.  I noticed she was watching my wife pretty closely.  I asked her if she was Ok with us being nude.  She said she was a little embarresed at first but was quickly over it.  She admitted to me that she was watching us from the front door before I walked up.  I said that if she was ok with us being nude why not join us.  She said she would think about it and let us know later.

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    So far, only did once when I lived in S. AZ.  Very warm day and I was in the house in a black thong while preparing dinner & the "cocktail" hour.  Doorbell rang and the dog went nuts.  Me, trying to get him in the bedroom forgot what I was (not) wearing and pulled open the front door.  SURPRISE!  It was my accountant ! x 2.  I said, "Hi, come on in".  She did, and I went to the bedroom, let out the dog, whom she loved, and put on a pair of shorts & T-shirt.

    Nuts, I'll have to wait for the LDS people - AGAIN!

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    That plrobably wouldn't stop me-see my blog

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    Interesting , comments, which i love to read,  

    As i'm retired n have all day nudist and night nudist, infact not worn any cloths in over a month, Mormans are my favourite visitors, as they don't now where to place there eyes, 

    But i must move on, i raked leaves washed my car naked, go jogging, hiking, walking my dog, i go shopping naked too my friends up at Giant not turned there head yet

    In the summer i have friends over for picnic hiking swimming,  I do have children, cos of being a nudist as young women seem to love its life style

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    When I was a university my housemates and I used to have fun with the religious door knockers, due to the fact that the front room of the victorian terraced house we lived in was my bedroom.

    Whenever anybody knocked on the front door I would always peek out the curtains of the bay window to see who it was before I then open the door to them. If it was postmen, police officers, landlord or the gas board I would answer the door clothed. But if it was some religious group trying to save the souls of those who lived in the house, I would answer the door in just my under wear with a chain between my nipple rings. The only way to upset the more was if I was in bed and one of my housemates was up and answer the door was for me to shout to them "Stop letting the heat out! and come back to bed!". The religous door knockers reaction is funny if the housemate is a girl, but absolutely hilarous if it is a bloke.

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    the drop towel for the pizza deliveryman may be old school but does gets the point, never been as exciting until i see it with my own eyes
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    my hub and i were staying at this hotel, it was one of this hot days and i wanted to take a swim in the pool, hub went back to the car to get our suitcase and the ice chest full of beer n sodas. he asked me leave the door slightly open in which i did. i was naked when i heard a knock on the door assuming it was my hub i open it. to my surprize it was not my hub at the door it was a older man thinking it was his and wife room. his eyes feasted on my naked body and it was just as exciting for me as well. i told him that the room he was looking for was in the 3rd floor not the 2nd floor in which i was in. he apologize for his mistake, i asked if the mistake was worth it. he smiled and said yes n hopefully he can make the same mistake later that day. i told him i would be more than happy to open the door nude for him.
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    I used to deliver pizzas for Dominos in east Portland and Gresham OR,and one time a girl who appeared to be in her teens answered the door with a towell wrapped around her.I looked away,trying to be a gentleman,made change,and left.I was so aroused I couldn't concentrate for a full hour after that.The other employees kidded me about not making a move,but I had a job to do!
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    Have opend the door naked a few times to unwanted callers. Only got caught out one times, but it was worth it.
    Had seen some gipsy ladies trying to sell baskets door to door and was waiting for the knock. Opened the door with a flourish only to find a neighbour standing there. She had a good look and stepped in, shutting the door behind her. "It's a good job I like being nude as well" she said. She explained that she wanted to talk with my wife. I told her that she was out for a couple of hours. She seemed disapointed but made no move to go. Ioffered her a drink and she accepted. As I got the drinks and poured she casually undressed. I quickly responded to her shaven pussy. She was impressed and the drinks were forgoten as she dropped down and took me into her mouth. She was good. I had to pull her off as I wanted to unload inside her pussy. Which she readily agreed to. She bent over the table and we had a lovely session.
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    I have never been brave enough to answer the door naked (yet), but I'm sure that day will come very soon.
    Neil (UK)
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    Totally agree. Don't want the neighbour's eight year old seeing me with my birthday suit on.
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    Ok, I need to set the stage for this one. Recently purchased a house in a private neighborhood. There is a sun room that has a large picture window in the front and french doors leading to the back. I was out in the back nude as usual. Started in through the french doors when I notice a woman at the picture window. She saw me and pointed to the front door or motioned if I wanted her to come around back. I just motioned for her to go to the front door. Not knowing who she was I put on some shorts and was putting on a shirt when she openned the door. I just said hi and she said she was from the welcoming committee and wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood. I know she saw me naked in the sun room but she never let on. We had a great conversation and told me the neighborhood was very conservative and did not mind much what the others did. She told me she was glad I moved in and looked forward to seeing me around the lake and pool.
    Having been here a few months I have notice several neighbors have seen me nude in the windows or the backyard but no complaints so far. They have all mentioned they agree clothes should not be worn in the hottub.

    Love this neighborhood.
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    very funny...that is also my plan to keep the church people from coming to my door...I will just stay nude to answer the door...I have a sign outside which says "no soliciting", this means that any religious, political, or sales people are not welcome...but they refuse to respect what I want for my self at my they will soon learn not to bother me any longer...
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    Yes, we have both answered the front door completely nude and reactions vary a lot, from "please excuse" to "we dont mind" at all ...... 

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    During last summer's heat wave, I was recovering from a 2 month stay in the hospital and was sunbathing nude through my backyard window, I had lost a lot of weight. When the doorbell rang, I stepped into a pair of summer shorts that were then too big at the waist using suspenders to keep them up. I answered the door, it was two ladies from the 7th day adventists church.
    One look at me and my down to 25 inch from 32 waist, they turned around without a word. I was not visited by them for the remainder of the year.
    I guess the word got around.
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    One day, when the doorbell rang unexpectedly, I put on my bathrobe--nothing else--and answered the door. It was a friend of mine.

    He looked startled and said, "You're naked!" and I said, "No I'm not! I have my robe on!" He said, "But I can still see that you ARE naked, and that you don't even have any underwear on! You'r dick is flopping around and your balls are showing! I can clearly see the outline through the material!" I said, "Oh? do you want to see it without the robe covering it up then?" and he said, "NO!"

    Then he said, "I don't believe it! It's four o'clock in the afternoon and you don't have your clothes on!" and I said back, "Well you didn't call me before coming over, as I asked you to, so now you get to see me naked--with only a robe on! I told you it was always alright for you to come over, as long as you call me first!"

    Then he said, "Why are you naked?!!" and I said, "Why didn't you call first? I'm a nudist! Why? Do you want to join me? Come on inside and take off your clothes too!" and he said, "No way! I'm leaving! I'm not gay!" and I said "Nobody said anything about being gay! Haven't you heard of nudism? It's not about being gay. It's just fun to be naked. Clothesfree!"

    He turned around and said, "No way! No way! I don't believe this! I'm leaving!" I never saw him again.