Meeting other nudist females nudist from florida for friends or more

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 01, 2007 at 05:23 AM

    It sure is hard to meet lady NUDIST that are single anymore. It seems like everyone thinks if your a single male nudist all your into is SEX. It sure would be nice to meet someone who knows the difference between SEX and being NUDE.
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 18, 2015 at 08:55 PM

    Not new to the lifestyle, just to it in NW Florida.


    Newly (16  mo.) single, straight 64 yr old male wanting to rebuild my social circle. Have been in Pensacola area since before Ivan. Prior to that, I lived in Europe for 15 years and usually hit the saunas every 2-3 weeks. Very different atmosphere over there. 


    Have been a home nudists for the last year and a half, also in Europe, in addition to my sauna visits. Really miss those saunas. 


    I'd like to make a friend or two here,  before I ventured out to Riviera or any other resorts in the area. Not looking for a long-term relationship or one-nighters, just some new friends, and see what happens.  


    Also looking for a dive buddy too. 

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 02, 2013 at 08:26 AM

    I know what you mean tbn, as a single male the few that can not control themselves in public ruin it for the real nudist trying to some. Thats why I only go to nudist resorts.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 01, 2013 at 03:34 PM

    I'm looking for nudist friends too. Would like to meet a woman to go to nudist gatherings with, But even meeting guy friends is good for me too, I already have plenty of friends,but none of them will hang-out and do guy stuff naked, ( I said GUY stuff not gay stuff). Tampa, FL area.
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 05, 2012 at 06:14 AM

    We are new to this site, would like to meet other nudist couples in the northwest florida area. To enjoy nudist activities with.
  • View author's info Posted on May 29, 2011 at 08:56 AM

    I love being on a Beach Nudist it a lovely thing to to walk around being Nudiest, well it be OK if I join you
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 29, 2010 at 06:36 AM

    Hi iam new to be a nudist and find to alot of fun at this time and would enjoy some ladies telling me what is next. and wher can i have fun be a nudist and just enjoy their company and without getting involved emotionally. just having fun and laughing and enjoy each other friendship and beauty being nudeity. I have a nice home with a pool and would enjoy having fun i hope i get some answer  thanks   JOhn

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 05, 2010 at 05:16 PM

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Gil and I, too am having issues with trying to find single female nudists.  Hey, I'm 61 years old now and sex is not the top priority, but would still be a good thing.  I would love to know that single nudist women exist.  What has happened with those that know that friendship is NOT possible with only one.  Fun is having a partner to share with.

    I live the nudist life full time living in a nudist resort.  Females where are you?

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 13, 2010 at 08:01 PM

    At Haulover Beach, there are Beach Ambassadors to prevent that kind of thing from happening. We watch your back, and in this case, your front, too.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 19, 2009 at 02:19 PM

    Yes it is a sad commentary when we hear about the creeps that pervert nudism for their own sick desires. A couple of years ago I witnessed a similar "spectacle" at Apollo Beach and just told the guys to cool it or I'd get the Rangers who would be down their throats in a heartbeat. We have too much to lose because of jerks like that.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 20, 2007 at 04:17 PM

    Your comments are so on time. I used to live in Cape Canaveral and do miss Playalinda

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  • View author's info Posted on May 13, 2007 at 08:06 AM

    I'm new to this website and am thinking about visiting one of the nearby (Florida Suncoast) nude resorts. I'd have to say that the possibility of receiving unwanted overt sexual advances is one of my concerns, but no more so at a nude resort than at any other public place. I'd like to think that the majority of folks at any reputable resort would be more or less self-governing and would not allow such conduct to go on for very long without someone stepping in to put a stop to it. I, for one, have been around the block enough times that I have no problem telling an offensive person, male or female, right where to go and just how to get there ;)
  • View author's info Posted on May 01, 2007 at 07:08 AM

    I agree wit radarRon....I have a lil story that actually confirms his comment...last summer we decided to go to the beach on a Sunday...There was this young male sitting by himself behind can actually see him in the back of this pic...well he waited for my hubby to get in the water came over and asked if I can rub lotion on his back...and me not thinking of sex agreed....well when I was done he turned around with his cock hard for me to do his front I said no and then he wanted to put some on me I said no but he still did it...the lil fucker followed me all day to the point that we left the beach because when I went for swim he did also and tried to touch me....Those are the types that give us nudist a bad me they are pervs using the nudist now we keep away from the young crowed and stay next to the nudist...Over at Playalinda in Canaveral Shores you can tell who are the true nudist, they actually stay close to the entrace and are the ones that have fought to keep this beach open....that's where we stay

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 19, 2007 at 05:53 PM

    Nude or not, many women assume that all a single male has on his mind is sex.

    I think that may be why many women that enjoy the nudist lifestyle stay away from public gatherings of other nudists, because men without class have hit on them.