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    my complaint is that at any given time there is at least 30 more single guys in here then females and couples and as a single male nudist i feel that we are as per usual we are being treated like we are not welcome in this chat room just becaouse were born as male. I have been a member of this site now for at least 3 months i have tried talking with ladies and couples and out of the 150 ladies or couples i have tried talking to and start friendships with i have only met one lady and one couple i am really questioning why the hell i am wasting my hard earned money and time. When all the single ladies want to meet lesban ladies and all couples want to meet couples or ladies or familys when the only thing diffrent to us single guys and a married guy is a devorse i have been a nudist for 11years and my x wife and i have lived and raised our 4 kids as nudist and now in am single male i am being destrimnated aganst along with the 89% of the paying members of this site i am making this for the single guys that are feeling the same way becouse i am sick of being treated like i have leporsy i am stating to think all us guys should save our money and leave this site and watch it go broke with in a month

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    Are there not Discrimination Laws in Germany?

    Or, because it's a "private" club, they can not

    accept anyone of their choosing?

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    I reluctantly agree. I am not looking for a quick fuck.  I want genuine nudist friends . A single female would be a friend long before I would want anything more  I reject the inst of being labeled as a "player ". If judgemental people tried one reply they could be surprised.
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    Hi I understand people haveing the choice to chat with who they like on here, if they do not want Singles that is there right to say so, BUT what annoys me is that there is Single Men out there which want only 1 thing and thats SEX, it makes it hard for us "GENUINE" ones who are her fro 'FRIENDSHIP" to meet people. Its a shame we get tarnished as Sex only people because of the ones that hassle couples and Single women. I thought this was a "NUDIST" site with the word "Friend" after it. If the Single Males want SEX I am sure there is sites they can go to, Leave us be able to chat with who we like without having that stigma "NO SINGLE MEN ALLOWED" put in front of us.

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    Well sorry to hear you feel that way Letting it hang, but how about looking at things from the perspective of a couple or single woman who gets bombarded with friends requests from single men.

    They vastly outnumber the other categories in this and other sites and it becomes very tiresome, when we make it absolutely clear on our profiles we have no interest in them, even going so far as to put it in our header.

    ...and yet...

    Day after day we get contacts and winks and 'love to get to know you's...

    We know why we are here and why we are nudists and what level we wish to engage in and this does not include socialising and idle chit-chat with single males.

    Just like in the textile world, any single male friendships we choose to strike up are at our discretion and randomly though other encounters, not a website.

    We have been harrased and pestered on other websites and viciously abused sometimes when we've rejected the overtures of some single men, as if we must be compelled to make friends with them.

    So, whilst we understand your frustration, it is OUR CHOICE who we choose to engage with, exactly the same right you have on this website and others.
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    I agree with you, Colin, & the rest of the SINGLE Men, who
    s also been treat the Same way.After reading peoples, Profiles, YES i Read them Before Politely Intoducing myself, & Only to people which match, & want to chat.

    Anyone elses Profile not looking to chat / meet SINGLE Men, I Do Not bother with.

    BUT, yes that big word, BUT i
    m one of the Leapors/Sex Crazed SINGLE Male looking for SEX with Mom, & any Female in the the Family. Jeeze i feel Sorry for some of these People with such SMALL, Narrow mindedness.

    They don
    t even try to look & READ our Profiles, but just Pigeon Hole us, then Block / Refuse to chat.

    How many of us Genuine Single Men are single, Not from choice ? & people i
    ve read who use Certain Beaches, that i
    d like to find out more about just do the Same, Block / Refuse to chat

    Sad to say thier are too few Nice Genuine People, & Couples, & Families that i
    ve chat with to make me want to Stay, so i
    ll be joining Many Other Single Males, & save my Money.

    I wish ALL the Genuine Nice people i
    ve met, & chat with here a Long Happy Naked Life.

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    I agree!

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    Yawn, Only been here a day, and looks like many 'single males' are only after one thing......maybe its me....but could someone please explain the definition of a naturist. One more rant....why would someone be interested in a nudist who is not afraid to bare all in the open air, but feel too shy/embaressed to attach a profile pic....tut tut
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    you are right, I am facing the same thing even when I go to nudist resorts or even Adult resorts, every one is looking for girls or couples only, no single males, I tried few to talk, just talk to women in nudist resorts and they don't even look at me at all, and the only thing they like is a single female. it's bad, I even stopped going to any adult resorts because I don't want to spend my hard money on this.
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    I have done the Single Male thing and Susan the Single Female thing.
    She got lots of pervy attention,
    I have as part of a couple been a Club member in the U.K. They had restrictions on the number of S.M's and S.F's as well

    As a couple, we do have some S.M's in our naturist social circle, BUT if we took all those that offered we would be overwhelmed. We have had single males make approaches for sexual activities more than once. Also supposed Couple have the Male just turn up for what he thought he might get. This male triend this stunt with several couples we knew, he had been part of a 'couple' 4 years previously

    Our nearest Natuist Beach is HolKun, North Norfolk 30 miles away, despite having our boat moored only 1 mile from this beach we rarely use it due to the 'Boys in the Dune's. the Lilly whites walking up and down aas well as the Meetcats with Bino's and Cameras.

    Sadly rather too many of the unclothed are trying to get their sexual kicks. Look at the Sister site to N.F this is Sex site or not?

    It is sad really about the way S.M's are treated, but there are so many 'iffy' ones about, we have had to be wary.

    Brian and Susan, East Anglia, U.K
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    I have been a nudist for over 30 years, I am a member of the german nudist (FKK) association, and here are two experiences I made this year:
    I found an add of sommeone trying to sell a mobile home located on a nudist camping ground only 50 miles from my home. I decided to buy it and contacted the seller. In the end I could not buy it because the camping ground manager refused that I buy it without even knowing or ever seeing me. Just because I am a single male.
    Two weeks ago I discovered a nudist club with a real cozy club ground only 15 miles away. I went there twice as a guest, got to know many of the people, did some work around the pool and applied for membership. They refused my application without any further comments but of course it is because I am a single male.
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    As a single guy for the practise of naturism because my partner has no interest in being nude or become a naturist but she does not try to stop me from enjoying my time nude and as such I enjoy my time nude when and where ever I can, I do enjoy getting out into the countryside and go for nude walks, BTW I have met whilst walking naked many people m/f/cpl and families none of them have made any remarks to me about my state of undress some have said how nice to see I enjoy the sun in the way I do. Back to the subjesct of the single male and the way they get treated, I have had a few meets with couples and females not many after they find out I am single to meet, but those I have met are sociable but there is a large number just affraid we men are just after sex and I do see thier point and wish that the ladies/cpls would just chat and then see what the guy is trying to for then decide if they should continue or not, it would soon become known if the guy was looking for just sex so then the female/cpl just put him onto ignore and bar him from chatting with u again.

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    Nicolej (user name) is a very good looking 28 y/o Californian who I saw on the chat. I went to her profile. As I returned to the chat, she had logged off, so I took the opportunity to send a simple off-line text message which read something like, "Hi, saw your profile and I am not anything near your wish list, just wanted to say hi and hope you have a good day."

    The next day I smiled because nicole had visited my profile. Cute. As she hadn't left a text message, I assumed she didn't care to chat - which was fine, I didn't expect her to.

    Just now, I discovered that she has blocked me. No communication, no explanation.

    Apparently, in nicolej's case, beauty is only skin deep.
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    I'm only looking for a naked female, who likes to dance, enjoys nude travel, is financially independant and able to enjoy nudist cruises. You're right; there are many single ladies close to me, but don't want a platonic nudist relationship.
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    I did exactly that. I was a member for only one month. Although I met some nice couples and other single males I was mostly approach by men looking for a male partner or ignored. Even the ladies who had profiles looking for a male 18 to 99 in age didn't respond. I assume they were fake profiles. Now I'm just another free member who posts on the blogs and the forums.
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    We would like to give a couples point of view on this interesting topic. We changed our profile from ( looking to meet any other naturists to couples only ) The reason is we were fed up with chatting and gettin winks from single guys only interested in sex. We make it quiet clear in our profile we are not swingers, swappers, Bi, gay, lesbian, picture swappers, sexy email ers,etc etc yet we still get single men and couples,and men pretending to be couples who dont even bother reading our profile. When they chat you can see they are only itching to bring the chat around to sex, Some are rude,and offensive.So in the end we just gave up on single people. What people do is their own buisness and we respect their decision to do what they want, We only wish they would respect our decision not to get involved in sex with strangers. We have come across some nice genuine single people here but not many. Its a pity but I suspect most genuine couples have come across single men who have turned them off all single men. Its just easier to ban all single men than have to put up with the rubish from the ones who cant read profiles. Anyway we wish all genuine single men the best and hope they find what they are looking for.