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    Since everyone is posting about there nudist clubs or beaches. I thought, I would post something about my local club. It is conveniently located to all kinds of attractions, if that is what you are interested in doing, while you're in California.

    Glen Eden was established in 1963, it is on 200 acres of land up against Cleveland National Forest. We even have the only West Coast AANR Library. Glen Eden always has something going on. Please check out there website and check out all the events that are scheduled. Perhaps, you will find something to your liking.

    If you check out our website, you will notice there is a coupon for a FREE DAY at G.E. Of course, you are expected to take a tour of the grounds first. If your a single male, then you will be interviewed first, and a background check will be taken. If you have no problem with those requirements, then please do check out our wonderful club.

    Once you experience it,I guarantee you will want to return. Have a Good Nude Day!! Leah

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    Here it is in March..2012... I never got notified at my direct email address that you even posted on here. Use to now I don't... I just came on to see what was going on and saw this old post from you.. so sorry!! You might have already checked into it... If you have, what do you think of Glen Eden Sun Club? I must admit though, the ages do vary on different days and events that go on over there. You will just have to see for yourself.. It is very family oriented club.. all are welcome. Hope you can check it out personally if you haven't already done son...

    Have a Happy Nude Day........ Leah
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    Where is Glen Eden? That sounds like a nice place.
    What's the demographic there? Age/Gender balance?
    Last place I've been to was mostly 60 year old males.
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    Thanks for following up with Glen Eden and becoming a member there. Maybe we will meet up sometime while we're there. Our Sunbirding is ending soon. Infact, tomorrow Sept 30, 2008 is our last day at G.E. until May 2009, when we will be back at G.E. Sunbirding for 5 months.

    Where did the summer go? It went way to fast this year. How often do you plan on being there in the winter months?

    Hope to meet you someday..
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 09, 2008 at 04:40 PM

    thank you, for all the info.since i first read this i have joined the AANR and became a member of Glen Eden and enjoyed many a relaxing day at GE. hope to eventually meet you.happy to see you have met that special someone.
    Play Nude!