masterbating for neighbor nudist story

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    It´s a nice secret pact.

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    Why not?

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    Quoting author:

    Men are more voyeurs than women.
    When I masturbate I see my neighbor like it.
    But ours is almost a secret pact.

    Why are women less willing? 

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    it is good for you   also want to do that

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    ,my neighbour jill was round ours was talking to me but looking down at my nude body which i found a turn on rapidly getting erect,jill said are you going to sort that out ,ok do you want to watch and started masterbating infront of her ,she took over and finnished me off

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    yes i did and it was fantastic i would love to do it again one day

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    some of us have and our photography here and elsewhere have not asked, to ask then to learn?????
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    i have masturbated several times in front of the neightboors window, completly nude at night, thats how it should be
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    love it,
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    Not long moved into a new area. Got the garden cut down and then concentrated on getting house into order. Only worked a four day week so managed to get some time to sort the garden out. It was late spring and very warm so figuring everybody was at work i stripped off and began working. after a couple of hours I stopped for a beer and laid down on the grass. I don't know why but i started to get an erection and decided to bring myself off there and then. After recovering i got up to continue and noticed a movement from next door upstairs window. I gave no indication and finished working.
    The following week I gave it no thought and worked in the garden nude. After about an hour the side gate opened and the lady from next door came in, carrying a couple of beers. Needless to say the beers didn't get drunk.
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    My most embarrassing yet enjoyable moment

    My wife and I have been into the nude lifestyle for many years.  Back in the early 80’s we use to take weekly trips to the secluded beaches in our area. We would arrive shortly after noon and stay until the sun went down and almost never saw anyone.  Running around the beach in the nude made us feel so free which inevitably lead to many romantic interludes.  This was our weekly ritual to become one with nature.  After my mother moved in with us being nude around the house almost ceased.  My wife invited my mother to join us at the beach one weekend and I was a little miffed to say the least.  My wife told me that she explained to my mother what our weekly trips to the beach were like and I was informed that my mother too was into the nude lifestyle.  Apparently her boyfriend at the time had introduced her to it.  So off we went to the beach and after our arrival we quickly disrobed.  It was a little awkward at first but those feelings quickly went away.  I was laying on the blanket that we spread out almost half asleep when my mom and wife returned from shell gathering.  They sat down on the blanket and continued on with their conversation about what I do not know.  Suddenly my wife started telling my mother about our sex life and my likes and dislikes which my mother shockingly also told my wife about her and her boyfriend’s sex life.  I guess we guys enjoyed the same things.  I swear this conversation must have gone on for at least an hour as they compared notes and techniques but somewhere in there my wife either on purpose or subconsciously started stroking my hardening member.  While it felt great it was definitely embarrassing and she was startled when she completed her job and quickly apologized to my mom for what she had just done.  Both my mother and wife has since departed this world but the memories of those days still linger.

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    I have done it a few times while being watched by a couple. {no young people around]
    Felt great to watch and be watched.
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    I love masturbating for couples on the beach. Always brings a smile :)
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    me too

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    When I was 12 a friend of mine and i were running around naked in my back yard and when i fell on the groups she wrestled with me then started feeling me up and masturbating me and i was letting her when we heard a noise then another and saw the man next door taking pic after pic of us.. we stoped and ran in but after thinking about it we did it again a few days later
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    We live countryside our private little road is also used by joggers and people with theirs dogs, sometimes we have masturbated in garden and know people have watched, anyway we feel its our business and dont like to apologize, if they enjoy watching we dont mind at all.

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    To Funamy whose neighbor man with his sons watched you masturbate and masturbated also: I would never make excuses for guys who threaten or otherwise make a woman feel unsafe or afraid, but I must say, If I saw you naked and masturbating in your back yard, I would find it very difficult to contain myself and maintain a proper decorum. You are a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent woman, and I would be priveledged and greatful for the opportunity to masturbate to your beautiful naked body!
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    I enjoy the feel of the sun on my body and had at times reached down to play. I enjoy the feeling of masturbation as I build to that mind blowing outcome. I ofter loss myself in my surrounds and have been know to masturbate on the nudist beaches. People do watch, that adds to the enjoyment.
    Live life I say.
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    alot depends where you live also. for example, the house we live in before the present one. my wife would go outside and there was a few times she told me that she found herself arouse and took care of business by the pool, she also knew there was our single male neighbor that would peek at her thru the fence. but sure enough one of those times he seen me instead , he complain and actually call police, why is society so hong up when it comes to a male body. now we moved 4 miles away and so far no complains, with couples living on either side of us. go figure...
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    cherche experince libertine

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