I'm over the shaving trend Family

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    I thought naturalist were supposed to be natural??? I guess I was mistaken.Whats with all the shaving? Pubic hair does serve a purpose. The reason that hair grows around the genitals and under the arms are to lock in sexually stimulating scents called pheromones.Also, all our hair (no matter where) helps to protect certain parts of our body, regulate body temperature .Another purpose of pubic hair is to simply minimize friction between sex partners while grinding away. It prevents dust, insects, and many serious STD's such as HPV which can be caused by genital skin-to-skin contact.
    I don't like looking like a little boy, I like looking like a masculine male.My Father was proud when he saw my Pubic hair developing.He told me not to be ahsamed of it and be proud that your becoming a man. In my mind he promoted a postive body imagine. I guess that's why I have pubic hair. Gillette razors are too expensive to waste on superficial vanity's. I blame the porn industry in the early 90's for this ridiculous trend. Whenever I see a shaven crotch now a days all's I can think of is that person wants to look like a porn star or something. It seemed to spread like a virus in counties like the Untied States, Germany and other places around the world. Mainstream media has promoted this in Magazines and TV. That's why this trend has spread. And guys if you have a small Penis you have a small Penis, getting rid of the hair won't make it look any bigger. I would refuse to shave it off or trim it even for a partner. I don't care if the don't like it. It's natural to have hair. It's not a bad thing now for women and men to have pubic hair.Parents shoulds discourage teens from following this trend.
    I don't mean to offend anyone on this subject matter so to each their own. For me I prefer to have my pubic hair natural.
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    Yes, I totally agree, my girlfriend and I both prefer to be smooth and also most at our 


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    I work nude in my shop and if I have pubic hair, I always have wood shavings entangled, plus it just seems to accumulate dirt in general. It's much easier to stay cleaner in a work environment when shaved. 

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    To each their own.


    I started shaving completely when I started being a social nudist.  My wife wasn't into it at first.  She thought it looked too "pre-pubescent"; but she was ok with me shaving.  


    Then while hanging out at the resort she started noticing that smooth women seemed to be more free and "open", with their labia more exposed.  I think she started liking the idea of nothing covering her pubic area and feeling "truly" naked.  So on one subsequent trip she decided to grab her razor and go completely smooth before heading to the resort.  She enjoyed the feeling so much and the positive feedback from our friends that she decided to keep it shaven.  Going smooth actually boosted her confidence and enjoyment of nudity.

    So for a while we were both "smoothies."


    After a while though, maybe out of laziness, we both sort of grew tired of perpetually having to shave all the time.  So we both went to a more "trimmed" look, opting for clippers instead of the razor.  It was faster, more efficient; with less razor burns and itchy feelings.  It's not that we were "over" the smooth look; it was just that trimming was just easier.


    Shaven, trimmed, hairy...it actually really doesn't matter.  It's what's easiest, more fun or more comfortable for you.

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    Well I am mostly shaved, and especially now that my pubes when they grow are mainly white, and I do not like the look of salt and pepper pubes.  I started shaving after having gone through chemotherapy when I lost all of my hair and really liked the look. However, I am happy that people are allowed to make their  own choice.  

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    I shave or wax when I can. It is cleaner and to me it looks a lot better. It is more sensitive without hair. No one likes to choke on pubic hair.


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    I think it is some kind of a cultural issue. In the German speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria I would say that about 80 % of men have their genitals completely shaved. Women more often have some kind of a haircut. I was quite astonished when I attended a nude camp in England and saw that I was the only with his pubic hair shaved and they thought I looked silly... But that would be no reason not to continue shaving - I feel more comfortable being shaved.

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    There is a lot of pompous and pretentious twaddle talked about pubic shaving! A girlfriend and I shave each other because we like  the feelings of closeness and trust that generates, and also having no pubic hair, but if you don't like the idea of shaving then don't do it!

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    I've always thought nudism was about body freedom so nudists should be allowed to choose whatever they want to do with their bodies. if you want to shave, shave. if you want to be natural, that's fine too. same with piercings, tattoos, whatever. personally I like to be smooth and I think it looks better on most other people, but I wouldn't tell anyone what is right or wrong for them

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    I have to agree that its a personal thing about shaving the genital part of your body,myself i feel much more comfortable not having pubic hair when wearing clothes and it looks and feels great  when naked.

    All this rubbish to make your penis looking bigger total cob-wash your penis is the size your are, shaving makes no differance, how can it ?

    I realy dont mind if women shave or not, but you got to admit it does look great. 

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    Quoting author:

    i just think, irs cleaner and mor comfortable.

    It may be comfortable but surely your only clean if you wash!!
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    i just think, irs cleaner and mor comfortable.
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    I started shaving & trimming after having read an article in Men's Health, London issue.
    I do shave the base of the penis and trim, cull the pubic hair, but not all of it.  My GF commented on how nice it was that she was not getting a pube stuck in her teeth.  That me feel good and also makes my 7.5 x 6 cut "member" feel so much better.
    Within a few weeks we talked about her "trimming" her bush, which was a real BUSH.  Black, course hair that certainly did not add to the "In the V-Room" for Cunning.  She now keeps it short and sweet and we both like it much more.  Her being 16 yrs younger than me just makes us more "into it", when we go to it or a nude beach in Hawaii.  Love it, Love it, Love it!

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    Jayaqua, WELL SAID and I couldn't agree with you more!  I posted this to another forum where someone asked about their kids shaving, so I hope it's OK to post it here also, as it's actually more on-target here:  I never taught my son to shave anything below his face and neck. When he was 12 he couldn't wait to grow hair "down there" like dad and be all grown up, and today we both think the male shaving fashion is silly and usually looks pretty bad. When we're at nudist resorts he refers laughingly to the plucked chicken look on some of the men. We go to a hot springs in California that caters mostly to an affluent, educated crowd (not that we fit that bill) and it seems that the younger guys in their 20s and 30s there are keeping the crotch natural today. Out of hundreds of men there, you could count on less than two hands the shaved or even trimmed men. I think it might be because as successful men they're less inclined to follow the pack and more inclined to just be who they are. The shaving trend for men began in gay porn, then straight porn and among the swinger set, and these men, gay or straight, don't seem particularly influenced by those factors.  Aside from the fact that I'm not a fan of the shaved crotch on males because of the way it looks, I can't imagine wasting the time necessary to try to look trendy and cute. I've heard some guys claim their wives or girlfriends want them to shave, but as a lady friend of mine said, "If women are that afraid of men in their natural state, they should stick with women." I agree. Thinking something is 'yukky' is basically being afraid of it. That said, I have a double-standard when it comes to women. But I've also had the pleasure of being with women who don't shave anything - legs, pits, pubes, nothing at all - and they've been delightful company. Men are naturally harrier than women, and so for men to groom like ladies is, I think, nothing less than pathetic. It kills their individuality and gives them a uniform plastic look, like a Ken doll (which might be the reason so many men do it - they don't want to appear as anything but passive followers, although they'd never admit it). I have a friend in his early 40s who's  97% straight, but that other 3% makes him a really interesting guy.  He used to shave, and after years of knowing him we wound up playing one night.  I told him the stubble was not very inviting.  The next time we were together he'd grown his natural hair back and I remember saying, "Now that's what a man's genitals should feel like."  He just beamed and never went back.  He mostly has sex with women and he's told me not one has complained about his natural curls.  I say Good for both him and them!  The grooming and cosmetics industries are behind the push for men to shave their body hair for obvious reasons, but I won't be their dupe. For my money, there's nothing worse than a naked fashion victim.

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    It is a personal thing with me. I just don't like body hair. For years (since I was a kid) I shaved or removed my pubic and underarm hair by other means. Finally tiring of the "stubble" I had my hair in those regions removed permanently by laser. I have never regretted it and love the way I look. It is also cleaner and more sensual in my opinion. My two daughters R both smooth and hairless in those regions now that they R a bit older and not trying to impress the other girls in the School Locker Room. Oldest, (now 16) has had it done and looks gorgeous! Younger one in a couple of years if she can wait that long.
    This is not just for females. Men too!
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    I think it is all about good grooming lol, haircuts , shaving, smooth or neat and clean. If it looks like a rats nest then cut it! lol

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    I agree, hell why is this even an issue? If you like to shave, then shave, if not then dont, simple as that. Personally I like both, does that make me unusual? lol

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    I shave now and have for years. I love the feel, look and the way my partner reacts to it as well. I also think it looks neat and clean. Being very active, I personally feel cleaner when I'm shaven smooth. I definitely appreciate a partner than is smooth shaven as well.
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    i shave as does everyone in my family its more of a comfort thing than a look thing.... i belive everyone should make up there own mind about it as its a personal issue.... i dont care if my man shaves or not... but i will always shave i just dont like the feel of hair down there on me...