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    no words needed

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    Quoting author:

    no words needed

    gotta be the understatement of the year...  and most of us never have a clue until its too late...

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    lmao @ "put a lot of folks in a high state of pisstivity..."


    yeah, been there... for similar reasons, and also for


    oh well... sometimes its just the reality of 'truth'...

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    i wouldnt mind nowadays

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              As I have stated, I post on other web sites. It seems that my "Not a Nudist" story has put a lot of folks in a high state of pisstivity. I have received many negative comments from one of these sites. I have been called a pervert, which I have already admitted, child molester, Richard head, and various other names. I readily admit to pervert, voyeur and exhibitionist. But not to the charge of liar. Everything that I have written has been true. I'll write about some items on my bucket list later. Those are things that I haven't done but want to in the future. Hopefully with the help of some of you folks.
    It seems that some people cannot accept the fact that a guy can get sex at a "Real" nude resort. Believe me, you can. I have been asked to prove it by telling names. If I could remember them, I wouldn't tell. I expect discretion and therefore I give it. There are three couples in this site whom I know their first names and have their e-mail addresses. And they have mine. They also have seen a face photo of me. One couple I have met and ,with whom,spent a very enjoyable couple of days. I hope to,soon, meet the other two couples and many more in the future. Hopefully, some single women in the future, also. But I will mention places.
    Rock Haven, near Murfreesboro, Tn. The most conservative resort I have been to. I joined right after my divorce. They allowed single males and the lady, who was one of the owners, was very nice and gracious. After a couple of visits, I began to wonder if I had made the right choice. The male half of the owners seemed to be everywhere I was. He wasn't very friendly and it seemed that he was watching my every move. I ,later, learned that he watches all the single males who are there. He doesn't like to allow single males but needs the membership fee. If he can catch them acting inapropriately, he can kick them out and keep the fee. I couldn't believe that but it was told to me by several people.
    It wasn't like my actions warrented watching. I avoided kids. Only spoke when spoken to. Never approached anyone. I let them approach me. Granted, I would often pop a woody. But I would roll over on my stomach, if lying down, or hold my towel in front to hide it. If that didn't work and you could get to it without it being seen, there is a spring fed pool. If you didn't have a coronary hitting the water, that thing would shrink up to nothing. The worse case scenario, for me, would be going to the woods and whooping my mule for relief. And I have done that.
    The people there were very clanish. Not very friendly to single males. Some of the out of towners were nice though. One day I over heard two women planning on teasing me to make me hard as to get me evicted. I left very quickly
    As conservative as Rock Haven was, I was able to get layed one time, one BJ and several hand jobs in my year as a member.As for lying? I have readily admitted that I have an average size pecker instead of the eight or ten inches that most men in here, honestly, claim to have. Does that not prove my honesty?
    The photo's that I have posted in this and a previous story are from nude resorts or beaches. More proof.