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    hello everyone, i have talked with several people in this site about their experiences while on the nude beach, resort or just when someone "flash them or they get flashed", mostly about tell ur little story about when u flashed either by accident or by  "accident" , in my case i have many stories, this one happened to me today...

    i was on the bus, there were just men riding the bus, when we got to a traffic light, there was a couple sitting on a curb waiting for their chance to walk across, they were sitting on their backpacks guessing they were going to the beach a few blocks away, so they got up starting to walk, the girl was wearing a one piece dress, the skirt got stuck on the backpack as she walk, leaving a good part of her butt completely exposed, she was not wearing underwear, so everyone in the bus instantly, as she was walking the movement force the skirt to keep rolling up and exposing completely her butt, as she walked most people from other cars started honking and cheering, after finishing crossing the street due to the honking and cheering she turn back, the man( boyfriend maybe) look back as well and he noticed, grabbed her skirt and pulled it down, she became red as an apple, guess she didnt do it on porpouse, but thats the risk on going comando...thanks for the treat :)

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    I was nude in my backyard today. Although, there was no one to flash.

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    My wife has "flashed", part naughtiness part accidentally.


    It's usually happened on the way back or on the way to the resort.  Sometimes she'd wear just a sarong for the trip; after or before spending the day naked she'd go for a "less is better" accoutrement.


    Invariably her sarong would come unfastened during the trip and a boob or two would pop out.  One time upon returning from the resort her sarong just fell off as she was exiting the car.  She just giggled, grabbed her sarong and walked naked to the front door.  Luckily it was dark.


    It wasn't a really purposeful "flashing."  She was just in a naked mood and having fun.

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    Weird story but still whatever

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    I'm sure it is

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    Be nice to hear your opinion... :)

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    It's nice to flash now and again. Done with naughtyness but if anything is said plead ignorance and say it was an accident. I find the changing rooms in big stores a good place.