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    I have heard that there is a nudist beach at St Osyth near Clacton. Does anyone know which part of it is the nudist part or is the bit most used by nudists, please? A look at Google maps suggests that there is a small network of roads any of which might be right - or wrong! A little knowledge / guidance could cut out a lot of wasted time when I could be sunbathing!!

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    This is one beach that seems to have succumbed to sleazy behaviour unfortunately, certainly at busy times. Beware of wandering too far into the (not very tall) dunes area unless you're pretty unshockable. I found one or two other little secret beach sites in the locality that were virtually ininhabited - it makes for a much more pleasant day out.

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    Fond memories. Let us know how you get on.

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    Thanks for all the details


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    Park up by the Sailor Boy Cafe on the caravan park and head to the right - there is a sign for the naturist beach. Walk along the sea wall unti; you get to the ladder to the beach. Then continue right for 250 yards. The first sign that you have reached the naturist part of the bach is the bend and a line of wooden posts (no signs) from then until you reach the fence at the end is the naturist area.   On a hotday can be fairly crowded but only 20 or so at any one time most days. There are no toilets or food available so stock up at the Sailor Boy Cafe beforehand.  


    Hope this helps