nude beach in manitoba Canadian Naturists

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    was wondering if anyone knows if there are any nude beaches in manitoba and if so where
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    I used to live in Winnipeg, and during the summers I used to drive to Beaconia 'township' and follow the road across the 'bridge' of rocks to the parking area at the nude beach area, and then walk over the sand dike and the south towards Patricia Beach, and closest to Patricia Beach was the nude beach.


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    Has any body been to Patricia Beach or Beaconia Beach this spring. With all the high water rushing through I was just wondering if any body has been out there yet or what it is like.



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    Hi, I live in the United States, just across the border from Canada. I often travel to Lake Winnipeg and hang out at Beaconia Beach, which is north of Winnipeg on hwy 59. The beach is, many areas to be in the sun or shade. Anyone cane walk across the water from Beaconia to Patricia. Beaconia is known as a gay nudist hangout, while Patricia is mixed couples. Everyone is very relaxed and having a good nude time.
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    yes there is, I am still looking into where they are. There are 2 beaches listed in South Manitoba. Patricia Beach and Beaconia Beach. Type in Nudist Beaches on the web for Manitoba. I am being told of another one up in the Interlakes.