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    I would like to meet and talk to people who think that kids going to nudist camps and / or resorts area cause for concern. It is my belief that if they are going to go nude do it in their own home, especially with the sick people around today. The age group is primarily the under 16's but also may include the 17 and 18 year old kids who are or may have been abused be those they meet within nudist camps or resorts.

    I hate to say this that I know of one person who is under age on this website through conversations I had with her but broke it of as soon as I found out her real age. I believe that this file be taken off this site. If there is anyone else out there with the same view please get in touch.
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    I have to say that i agree with most of what has been siad here.I think that hiding our bodies cause more bad thoughts then when we are nude.We all have a imagation.No clothes take that away.As for kids they take nudity better then we adults.

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    Our kids three boys have been going to the beach and resorts nude since 5-6 and are now 14-21. Always within eyesight of my wife or I and we have never had a negative issue with them or others. A few resorts are negative on the kids due to not wanting splashing or noise at the pool. Just about everyone at the resorts acted like parents and looked out for the kids. My sons grew up understanding that there is more to people than what you see when your dressed. Its not what you wear, what you drive, the size of the house. Its about respect for both sexes and getting to know more about the people. My middle son waited till he was 18 to have sex first time, I ask him why since he had lots of girl friends since he was 16 up. He stated that all his friends are just trying to see whats in a girls panties and he already knows. He knows all the different body types and he found without clothes you actually have to talk to a girl to form your thoughts. Funny how the type of person you might guess your most going to be attracted to is a lot different when you take away the outer coverings. I truly think all of us being nudist and the learning of sex and human bodies is good for kids. And if we don't let the kids enjoy it and be part of the resorts, our hobby that we have all fought for will die when all the older people do. As with any organization you need to keep fresh people being exposed and involved. My last thought is that in all of life there are perverts and people that you may not want around your kids. At the mall, swimsuit covered resorts, and just in public. If someone is going to molest a kid or worse it will happen in just about anywhere. I have seen more security at nude resorts then any mall. You also can't control what is happening in someones mind. It is the biggest sex organ.
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    And you call yourself a naturist? Nudism is natural regardless of age. The problem is not the age of a nudist nor that they are on this site, the problem is inapropriate conversations with them or anyone else here. Most nudists have had much better conversations with their children of what is and what is not allowable.
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    children dont have the inobitions of adults. nudity is natural for them, seeing others as they really are, not the so called perfect body, reality about themselves and others. Nude swimming by childres happenes all the time, let it be open to all.
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    I have 2 girls and 1 boy, They are all grown now 28,32,36. We were home nudist to start and gradually became complete nudist when everyone felt comfortable with it. At the resorts that we went to I didn't worry at all because all the parents watched out for all the kids. Of course there were a few Pervs but it didn't take long to find and escort them out the gate. The first time we went to a resort was when the kids were 11 and under.
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    i am 18 but i started going nude when 17 because my friend she is a nudist and her family nudists so i started going with her and her dad/mum/brothers and never in danger even though they are horny boys in that family, still i was treated with no problems!
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    my gran daughters are under 16 and they go naked at clubs and on the nude beaches, whats the problem,
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    1. the ugly bodies I see in my travels have certainly provided for the disassociation of sex and nudity.

    2. the hot bodies I have seen are not magazine models, average body shapes, and I have a sense of reality that does not drive me to an eating disorder.

    3. I wish I had been introduced to nudism before 21, it would have made so much of my social awkwardness disappear so much sooner.

    4. sexual abuse is mostly perpetrated by people close to the victim. keep nudism in the home? good one einstein.

    5. don't be an idiot. kids who want to lose their innocence early will do it, and those looking to help them out will find them, they don't need nudism to make it happen. nude resorts and beaches would be a hard place to encourage or force one who is not interested because there are so many adult eyes that will pick up on it.
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    Kids/people, of any age, are far safer, nude, at a resort full of like minded people, than on any public street in the world, ( or the halls of the whitehouse!!)Besides,, I see nothing wrong with kids enjoying nudity as much as any adult would,,and kids have a cuteness about them, especially nude.. we do not need to be "perverts" to love beauty of all ages.
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    I think that its about time we acknowledged that children of the age we're discussing (mid-teens) are perfectly capable of telling people they don't want to know to 'go forth and multiply'
    Most of the youngsters I know, and I have experience of a couple of teen boys and a girl passing through puberty, are not idiots. They know when someone is giving them a line, and naturist teens are even more savvy due to people constantly telling them the dangers.
    Yes, there are people who would prey on the unwary, but not all kids are unwary.
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    im under 18 and i love being nude when ever posible,message me if you would like to chat
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    I think that if familys are secure abuot the way that they look and children want to be naturist then I think that it is ok. some family members approve and some don't. I have every interest in naturism, while the rest of my family look down on it.
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    Yes I had just the same experience as you Chownie, I also made a hasty retreat when she gave her real age too! Can't even remember who it was now as I made a quick exit and that was several months ago, could have been the same person. Having said that, it may well have been one of these sickos who say they are who they're not.
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    Since I have no interest in children as sexual, I have absolutely no problem with them enjoying and exploring nudity. Important tip for parents is to keep an eye on their kids as they would anywhere else, ie, the playground, etc.
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    forgive the coloquialisms because of the limitations of the profanity filters.

    there is a big difference in being a nudist and just wanting to see people naked. I was first taken to a nudist colony bye my mother when i was 10 as she was dateing a guy who was a nudist. we visited there often over the next 4 years and lived there during the summer. when i was that age i learned the difference between ogeling a female and understanding the nude form both male and female. most teens covet the view of a naked person because it if forbiden and unknown. taboos draw attention and covatousness. by educating people about the nature of nudity and the difference in genders you decrease the chance they will have sex whenthey are underage
    and decrease the temptation to break the rules. teaching a person when young the difference between nudity and lust and teaching them the dangers of improper adult relations when that age is very important. we have far too may teens geting pregnant because they dont know any better.
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    I agree. Would like to chat with moer of you ladys . It is not for sex it is just to chat and get to know each outher.not a member so you have to send here or e-mail me .
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    I agree with you 100%.
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    AGREE Helena.