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    Good morning all!

    I would like to suggest that every one of us has a role, whether small, medium or large, in shaping the world's perception of nudity, simple nudity, nudity in public, nudity at beaches, nudity in our homes and anywhere else it seems "safe" to shed our clothing!  There is so much we can do to tell our stories, give our opinions, influence the thinking of others and adopt a more "open" and wholesome attitude towards the nude body.  It has been, is now and will continue to be in the future, a "legacy" of the human condition and I think we definitely need to write about it.

    Will other people judge you if an interest in socia nudity is expressed, probably!  But even that becomes an opportunity to have a dialog about it, to discuss feelings on "being nude", answer questions about hesitations and motivation, and if nothing else, just share a little about how attitudes develope and change over time.

    Blogging is something I have been doing over the past couple of years, and yes, most of it is about social nudity, nudism, nudist outings and nudist-friendly thinking.  If anyone wants to ask, how or why I could write so much about being naked, my answer would be BECAUSE we do not have the freedom to do it as often or in as many places as I would prefer.  While I am not an advocate for drastic, dramatic or over-night change in society's attitudes towards nudity and the laws prohibiting it, I do believe there is room to consider how and why things could be done differently.  There are plenty of instances where "bad behavior" has happened in our (presently) fully clothed world, and as a famous television psychologist would ask, "How's that been working for you?"

    It may be that society has more troubles with inappropriate behaviors not because we allow a little nudity here in there, but because we do not permit enough nudity in more places!  Seriously!  Because we know only through practice can we learn to do something correctly, safely and well.  Hiding nudity from each other may be a lot like hiding a gun in your home and not talking about it.  Very, very dangerous indeed.  Do we hide an interest in nudity?  Are many people still embarrassed to mention it, discuss it, answer questions about it, practice it; even in the privacy and safety of their own homes with only immediate family members present?  Yes, yes, I think they are.  The subject of allowing nudity in public is not an issue of controlling the perverts and creeps, it is an issue of UNCOVERING and exposing them! It is not an issue of needing new laws to deal with public arousal, because those laws (i.e. public lewdness) already exist, what it might be is an issue of lewd behavior being so rare that WE cannot see it, (largely) are not looking for it, and allow some perversion to exist right under our noses because of clothing.

    Clothing is camouflage. Clothing is disguise.  In men, clothing permits erections to happen right next to you, at the grocery store, the library, bookstore, department store, church and even PTA meetings!  Some people may describe this as "being gross" and simply refuse to even acknowledge the idea, but why?  What does that attitude accomplish?  We live with the truths of human existence all around us, daily, but they are obscured. The quest to achieve something different may be the way to solve more of these issues and discussing them is the way to achieve awareness.

    Thinking people who would have society live in a different way can make a difference! The related subjects must be put down on paper, electronically speaking, as “clues” to a solution’s existence because one thing is certain: If we change nothing, nothing changes, and people liked Jared Fogle will continue getting away with inappropriate behavior all around us.

    It is almost as though we need a basic "Owner's Manual" to the human body and the care and maintenance of it.

    Please feel free to add comments and thinking on the subject to this discussion thread and I will stop back and check on it over the next week.  Absolutely do not be afraid to state an honest opinion of your feelings, situations that happened to you, areas of life you want to explore and any "roadblocks" standing in the way to enjoying this life a little more.

    There are ways we can learn from each other; you're doing it right now.

     Best wishes to all!

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    I appreciate the attitude all over Europe about nudity.  "So what..."!

    There is a nudist park in the middle of Munich; Englisher Park.  People

    go there to eat lunch, watch the ducks & birds and strip naked to get

    some sun.  What is better than that?  Also, TV ads have nudity, not porn,

    but full frontal nudity when trying to sell a product.  And, everyone is so

    accepting of it because they have been raised with it.  Nude families from

    1 - 92 at beaches and picnic areas.

    Traveled there several times when I was working for a major U.S. airline

    and 1st wife was working for TWA.  We always had a laugh about the TV

    nudity, since it so TABOO in the USA.  And, if you check the figures re:

    sex crimes around the world, European countries are considerably lower

    than the USA, India/middle east and Africa.

    Good thoughts to the people who live in the few Naturist communities;

    mostly in Florida.  "Wanna go bare and really don't care".  Good for them.

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