Disabled nudist Cultures and Education

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    i'm a disabled man due to a spinal cord injury. while i'm fortunate to be mobile and in great health and shape i'm still having trouble like in every other aspect, fitting into the nudest lifestyle. has anyone else thas disabled found a nice club to join, especially in the central texas area...................please let me know.
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    Have know a few disabled naturists over the years. As stated elsewhere respect is the first criteria, as in any walk of life. I would often help them onto and off of the beach. There was never any staring or abuse. It was a lovely family beach, all ages.


    Was recently temporarily disabled myself. Fell off a ladder and dislocated arm and broke leg. Six weeks in wheelchair. Nurses never objected to me being nude.

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    Wife and I are both disabled but try to stay as active as we can. Most commercial clubs I've looked at are ADA friendly if not compliant. Even the local beach we'd go to out west had 2 all terrain wheelchair friendly access trails. Yep, you can buy chairs (powered or standard) with mini monster truck tires out there.

    I take my cane or a hiking staff, we take chairs, cooler with food and drinks, towels and suncreen, the beagle... may take a few trips but no big deal. And there is usually someone who will offer you a hand if it looks like you need one.

    Being out in the sun seems to help, as long as I remember to get up and walk around occasionally. Spinal damage, missing pieces of bone and disc at a couple levels, several other dried out discs. Plus a steel plated shoulder, the scars are pretty obvious. And a very aggressive degenerative joint disease, I'm 39 but my joints are pushing 60.
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    I am also disabled, but the nice thing about being disabled and a naturist is that people see you as a person and respect ones disability. I have no problem with joining clubs etc. Have fun out there and enjoy naturism.
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    I'm a disabled vet and have neck and lower back problems that keep me from walking a great distance. what I try to do is.
    1. park as close as i can to the site
    2. always carry a cane and use it.
    3. try and also take a chair with you
    and use if needed when needed.
    4. if you have a friend with you have
    that person carry soda or water
    with you it will be needed.
    5. don't forget to ask for help if
    you need it.
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    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself because I too have a disability. I am legally blind, and I know that it can be a challenge to adapt at times.

    Hang in there, Rickels

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    forming one in the high destert Lancaster /Palmdale North of LA CA