embarrassing moments nudist story

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    i've been a nudist for a couple of years now but i'm still having trouble not getting aroused when i see naked women so i just end up getting erections. does this happen to anybody else?
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    Great stories! I want to hang out with you!
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    another story i can recall I was going over to my friends house I was twelve at the time. since we all lived out on farms i just hiked in the nude 1/2 mile down the path. I walked in and there was my friend getting a blow job from his 15 yr old sister on the couch!! he had his eyes closed and her head was down just after he climaxed he noticed me and jumped clutching his chest. I could feel all the blood rushing to my head. we sat down and talked about it, i had no clue this was normal between them. I had a raging boner the entire time. then she asked condescendingly if i needed help too, i couldnt get any words out and she just walked over got on her knees and started to go at it. i quickly climaxed into her mouth. she had to leave and said "dont you two get into trouble ;)". definitely a wild experience for me. never really saw too much with her after that unfortunately(she had the most perfect rack eyes could view).

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    So sexy!

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    one time i was massaging and suckling on my wifes breasts (we both really like it) until my daughter came in all grumpy for attention. she demanded i do it to her so i reluctantly accepted. of course the wife just laughed it off. there really wasnt much there to suck on but it kept me rock hard so i wasnt complaining. me and my wife wanted to move on to sexual things so we told her to get off the bed and she could watch. i had my wife lay on the bed and i was standing up to climax onto her face, but my daughter decided it was the perfect time to kiss mommy. she said she hated the taste of semen and ran off. we both laughed it off cause it never happened before


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    Nice smooth hard cock can I hold it to. I cannot see if you are cut or uncut cock.

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    Bet your cock more than twitched, did you get to hide it anywhere lol

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    I did get embarrased when I was fourteen. I had forgotten to tell the sports teacher that I was available for a football match. I was leaving school at end of the day when I saw his car was still parked. I turned back and went to gym office. Outer door was ajar so I went in. Could hear shower running. Banged on door and waited. Shower stopped and door opened. It was the teacher I wanted. He was naked apart from small towel around waist. I felt myself redden up and surprisingly get a hard on. I apologised and began to say why I had not come to see him earlier.

    He held his hand up to quieten me. He asked me to close the outer door and lock it. Which I did. I turned back to find him back in the other room. I stood in the doorway and he told me to come in and sit down. He took the towel off and began to dry himself. I had difficulty sitting because of my erection. He noticed me trying to adjust myself. Oh dear, he said. Having a little problem are we. I blushed even deeper. Although I had been naked with my grand parents for about two years I found this different. He flicked his own penis and laughed.

    There's no need to be embarrassed here young man. You obviously like looking at me. I don't mind, I replied. He stepped closer. His penis starting to twitch. Why don't you undress as well. I stood up and stripped. Well, he said. You are a well equiped young man. He reached down and fondled my erection and balls. I held his cock and stroked him. I won't ask, but obviously you've done this before. I nodded. We stood rubbing each other and I started to unload over his hand.

    I sat down and took his cock into my mouth. He hesitated slightly but then held my head. I licked around his cut head and began to slide up and down his shaft. He began to groan and shortly after he oozed his cum into my mouth. It was easy to swallow and I sucked him until he pulled away. 

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    Everyone knows men get erections.  Thereʻs no point in being embarassed by it, especially if you are naked.  Celebrating the body means not being ashamed of it.  An erection is beautiful and represents human pleasure and passion.  Nothing bad about that.

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    it was pretty embarrasing for me since on christmas eve i got a bit drunk, tired from work, went to sleep and to my surprise when i woke up i realized i left the courtains up, windows closed of course since its winter, but i was completly exposed, naked in front of the window in my first floor bedroom, hope not that many people saw me !!!

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    There was one time when I flashed and didn't inted to do it. I was visiting a cousin years ago and we decided to go swimming in a lake. She assured me that it wouldn't be very crowded and it wasn't. There were a few people but they were scattered. I told her that I was going in to the woods a little way and change into my trunks. She said that she would do the same as soon as she got the towels and blankets. I went about twenty feet into the woods and found a good size tree to get behind and undressed. I was about to put my trunks when she walked behind the same tree. I quickly covered myself by holding my trunks in front. She had a shocked look on her face, then laughed and said,"I'll find another tree."
    I put my trunks on and she joined me at the blanket soon after. We kind of laughed at the incident a couple of times but a little later she turned to me and said,"You are a lucky guy. A lot of men would give anything for what you have down there."
    Now, this is not one of these stories where the guy tells about his ten inches. I don't have ten inches (I only have 9 3/4). Actually, I am pretty much average in that area. I had seen a comedienne the night before and part of her act was a strip tease. I had been thinking of her when my cousin saw me and I was about half hard at the time. I was at the stage to where it was swelling but still dangling. About twice as long as the flacid state. She, having never seen that part of me, thought that that was my flacid state. And I don't have the heart to tell her differently. To this day, ever so often, she will make a reference to "The big boy. "

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    I, being about 18 or 19 at the time had a Summer job for a construction company, so I had to get up by 6 a.m. and be on-sight by 7 a.m.  It was a hot summer night and THEN I slept in boxers. Well, Mom came in to wake my brother and I up at the 6 a.m. time, and I was on my back with a HUGE erection sticking thru the front fly of the boxers.  She was gone by the time I really awoke, but was totally embarrassed at what she had seen.  I am rather well-endowed and while I picked up my lunch bag, eyes looking down, left for the day.  I had seen my Dad change a few times and his was also rather large when "soft".  So, I guess I was blessed with a "biggie".  Still, at 66 it's 7.5 x 6, cut.

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    yesterday i went to a co-worker's house, my gf went later, then we saw the classic and nostalgic picture of two kids maybe one year old, both pulling their pants and watching each other parts, its lovely and heartwarming, then we were told our host needed to do something upstairs, leaving us alone, i asked my gf to do the same as the picture, we both stood up and pulled our pants so we both could see our parts, at the time the host came quietly and catched us like that, he wasnt angry in fact he was laughting as hard as he could saying he did the same as a kid, that was the first time he saw a girl

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    few days ago me and my girlfriends also a nudist were invited to a party in a friends house, we ate, drink, chat, it was a lovely day, around midnight we were about to leave but the host asked us to stay since it was too late, we complied, around 5 am i woke up to get a glass of water, i was walking naked, my girlfriend follow me as well, we chat a little, after a few minutes we realized that all the windows did not have blinds, so all the people on the street could see us, we were at the living room for almost 20 minutes naked but never realized people could see us until a jogger with a dog just pass by, say hi, great time to be nude and left, i was embarrased because we were in a friends house comfortable in the nude, neightboors watching us, didnt mind much

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    Yea, neightbors (across the hall) played Strip Poker.  He's got a small pecker due to meds.  She's small , but has a nice hairy PATCH, and when she took her panties off, I got hard as a ROCK.  I was already naked(losing as many hands as I could), and GF said, "what's with that"?  I said, "it's time for U girls to get down on each other so us BOYS can get into watching U 2 , OK?".  Well, they got into a 69 position, but just sucked each others nipples.  They made he and I "dance" together, and I felt down to stroke him, but he didn't catch on.  So I told him to suck my nips.  He said, "you have a really hairy chest".  And, I said, "you'd be surprised what 'downstairs' used to look like before I started Man-Scaping!  As my cock started to hard, again.  Always with a Pre-Cum drip.

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    One day while hubby was waxing our car nude in the garage of our bi level house, I was cleaning the steps that led down to the lower level which at the bottom was the door to the garage.  I was naked too and we had the door open which created a cool breeze as it was a hot day outside.  I was listening to talk radio and did not hear anything comming from the garage.  As I was on the lower flight of the stairs with my plump rear facing the bottom, I sensed that some one was watching me so I stood up and looked around to see our best friend, who was our best man standing at the bottom naked with a devilish grin on his face.  As I was beginning to blush with a few butterflies in my stomach and being a bit embarrassed about mooning him, I turned around and decided to step down to great Rick with a hug and a kiss.  As we hugged I noticed my nude hubby out of the corner of my eye giving me a thumbs up sign to which Rick said what a great way to be greeted with a lovely moon and a big hug.  Hubby said Rick stopped by to borrow a tool and they decided to play this little trick on me.  So we spent an hour conversing in the nude.  Great trick they played on me.
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    I wasn't embarrassed but a friend of mine was. It happened some years ago. Wife had promised Odette some books. I was out one day getting some DIY material and decided to drop the books off on way home. It was summer and quite hot. I was in shorts and tee-shirt.
    I knocked on door and after a short delay she opened up, covered in only a large towel. She was a bit surprised to see me. We kissed and i showed her the books. She seemed reluctant to let me in. She took the books and we talked for a few minutes. A womans voice called from the living room. She replied that she was talking to a friend and would be a couple of minutes.
    As we talked another woman appeared, also in a towel. Odette blushed deeply. The other woman said it not polite to keep someone on the doorstep and odette reluctantly let me in. There were two other women sitting at the table in the living room. Naked. Odette said that they were playing cards and because it was so hot they had undressed. I said that it was a good idea and quite natural. The other lady took her towel off and sat down. She poured me a glass off wine and offered it to me. I went over and clinked glasses with them. Odette joined us, still with the towel on. I said that if nobody objected i would like to join them.
    The three ladies said i was more than welcome. Odette seemed a bit reluctant. I quickly undressed before she could object. The ladies seemed pleased. I took a swig of my drink and faced Odette. She was still blushing. I reached up and took hold of her towel. She grasped my hands. The ladies began to chide her. I felt her hands loosen. I slowly tugged and the towel opened. I slid it down and let it fall.
    There i said, no need to be embarrassed. You are lovely. I kissed her briefly and turned back to the ladies and took my drink. They were having a good look at me. One of the ladies said that it might be a good idea if we sat in the consevatory. Odette said yes and we tropped out. Two ladies sat on a settee and patted the seat between them. I obligingly joined them. The two others on the settee opposite us. We talked and drank for a while and i felt a hand on my thigh. I didn't react and felt one from the other side. I did react now and my cock began to twitch.
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    doesnt sound too embarrasing from my perspective
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    one of my most embarrassing moments was when my hub did not tell me that his dad was coming over to fix the leaking faucet in one of the bathroom. he had given him the key to the house, if he did ring the door bell i had the radio on full blast and was in the pantry so i did not hear it. i come out of the pantry with a load of bread in my hand naked as can be. i made the most of it by offering to make him a sandwich. i did not try to cover myself just when on like it was another day. we talked, smiled and laughed then he fixed the leaky faucet. and all during this time i stay naked,