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    Hey, are there any SoCal people out there that are becoming as frustrated as I've gotten about the deteriorating state of nude beach culture down here? In Santa Barbara, the day was once when you had a multitude of great options for getting nude at an amazing beach, in a depenedably hassle-free environment. There were at least four, if not five really nice locations where you'd find just about everyone naked on any given day. The only truly dependable nude beach, these days, seems to be More Mesa and, even there, the areas where people seem to be willing to go nude are dwindling, and I tend to see in influx of a lot more people that keep their clothes on. What's the deal, SB?
    It doesn't seem like all that long ago when you could just walk out almost anywhere onto Summerland, Gaviota, or Rincon, and nudity would definitely be the norm. I mean, hell, you could go in just about any direction at almost any beach, at all , around Santa Barbara, and you'd spot people sunbathing nude in discrete little pockets here and there. It was great!
    And what about LA?!?!? Don't get me started! You used to be open-minded, down there, Angelinos! Back in the 90s, nudists were starting to make their presence known all over, including Venice, Zuma, spots around Huntington, even around Laguna (even though that's OC). What happened?!? Why are there literally no good options for getting nude between SB and San Onofre? And even there , now, the police are visciously clamping-down on nudity? Seriously?
    And why is the situation so much different up in Northern California? Every time I visit my old favorites up there--Red Rock, Bonny Doon, San Gregorio, etc.--it seems like everything is exactly as it was 20 years ago. Everyone is naked, laid-back, smiling, and having a great day in the sun.
    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone else care? Does anyone else want to try to do something about it? I cannot be the only person that wishes it were different.
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    Baker Beach is another good clothing-optional place in NoCal.  Unfortunately here in SoCal, the words 'nude beach' and 'L.A' will NEVER be used again synonymously.  It was odd that a few 100 miles north of here the culture was entirely different.  However the recent anti-nudity ordinance in San Fran I feel is the just the beginning of the end.  Seems our 'walls are closing in'...

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    I share your frustration.  

    I just went to San Onofre last weekend.  Everyone nude was south of the camp pendelton fence and it was sparse. 

    Juat a couple of years ago that beach would have been packed with people...now it is very few. 

    So sad.

    Black's is still good!

    What is the problem with designating an area?  Put up a sign...you may encounter nude sunbathers from this point forward.   Does that work for everyone?