In home health care for nudist Health

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    This is just a fact finding networking mission and serious request.  Will be graduating from LPN school in June and looking for find work in FL or NC or somewhere warm as a home healthcare nurse in a nudist evironment.    Just seeing what the job opportunities might be out there.  Have been a nudist for over 20 years so understand the lifestyle.

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    I am searching for 4 doctors that would be interested in working with a Miami base office here in San Diego that can handle a section 8 clientele.

    The business set up is real simple. The office in Miami will help you to get all your paperwork organize to access this very specialize system. It all runs off a federal administration paper less system.

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    Thanks for your comments.  Contacting the nudist resort was on my list to do at some point in time

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    You might also want to check with some nudist resorts, like Paradise Lakes or some others to see if they know of a "need" for nudist health care givers.  There are a bunch of nudist resorts in FL, and a lot of retirees, so you would think that the need would be there.

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    Great idea. There must be a bunch of Florida nudists that are there or need care. Suggest you find some way to authenticate your education and background. Best of luck.