Naked in church? Religion

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    How does one reconcile being naked with being religious? I was raised to believe that running around naked was a sin. Despite my love of enjoying nudity, I still get a twinge of guilt about it. Is this more of a problem for catholics (like me) or do other religions instill this type of guilt? And how do you deal with or reconcile these feelings?
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    The misconception that most Catholics have is that nudism is wrong. The Catholic Church does not preach against nudism, but sinful behavior that "Can" take place at nudist venues.

    I have done a lot of research on the church's teaching on nudism and spoken to the two priests in my parish about my nudism, and both have said that there is nothing wrong with my going to nudist resorts or beaches as long as I am not partaking in erotic behavior, exhibitionism or being a voyeur.


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    In most nudist Resorts and Even Beaches, there is normally Basic Non Denominational Services on Sunday Mornings.    Personally, I am the High Cardinal of the "First Naturist Church of the Free-Will Pastafarians" of Johnson City Tennessee.  Our Services are Clothing Optional (They ARE Free-Will Nudists).   During Official Ceremonies is the only time I wear "The Vestments". 

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    My dream that I wish would come true is to be able to drive to city hall with just my shoes on. Get off my vehicle, do my business and return to my vehicle to continue running errands.  Clothed people take no notice and simply consider my lack of dress to be normal, at least for me.

    The same is true in church.   You shouldn't feel guilty or nervous because of others lacking to support natural dress,  Their own insecurity and conservatism is keeping them from accepting and even trying the life style,  Their lack of understanding is making you nervous,  Stand strong and remember God does believe in all of us.

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you.

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    I was also raised a Catholic and nudity was never talked about but it was shameful to show your body. In other countries and cultures young children are taught to be free in the nude with each other at an early age and therefore are much more comfortable.

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    Many nude resorts have a church on the premises and a preacher, depending on climate the services are nude.

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    What a to the point end of your comment P xx

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    Well said 

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    Great comment...Thank you.

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    If you are comfortable with your body, and like being nude...then do it. I too was raised a Catholic, I can't recall it ever been discussed, at home/school or church. I guess everyone took for granted we always were to wear clothes. However, we are often a product of our environment and if it was talked about as a bad thing then it has some how remained with you. If people think of nudism as a sexual act then they do not understand it....when God made Adam I don't think he sent a long an extended wardrobe. If you really believe in God, as the Catholic church teaches you, then he does not judge you...we are the ones who judge, and that is where religion goes wrong.

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    Well you can keep your nudist life separate from your work, church life. My nudist lifestyle is an escape from my everyday conventional life. For example your not a nudist when you visit your in-laws at  Thanksgiving.

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    Actually,I'd love to go to a nudist Gay church. First, we worship -- then we give in to lust.

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    I am born hindu. Hindu releigion is not agaist nudisum. we do woship god mostly nude. The temple scalptures bebore the christain missonary arrived in India were mostly nude and same also the worshipers. Still the biggest hindu gathering that happens once in a while millions of SADUs congregate for a holydip in river are naked (male and female) there is no sexual activity. By the way small group of hindus who worship SIVA, do use linga as his representation. Linga is penis of lord Siva and sits on an Yoni altar. .

    unfortunatly christan missionary made us to be ashamed of nudity

    This forum seem to ahve been very old. I hope it could be revived and people start posting their view here

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    Hi. Just thought you folks might enjoy the view on this matter

    from the X- head of the Catholic church.


     "The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendour and its beauty... nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness... Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with rtegard to the value of the person... The human body is not in itself shameful... Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of a person." Pope John Paul 2 Quoted from "Love and responsability". Published by H.T.Willets, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York. 1981

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    You read the first book of the bible was Adam clothed? No he was a nudist, we don't know how long it took him to name tha animals etc, only when he sinned Adam took clothing 

    Sondoes god mind you being naked to worship him? If he wasn't that wouldn't babies be born clothed?, when i goto church i go as a nudist, unless its the methodist church, i only go there in hot summer days cos its bloody cold

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    The problem PEOPLE have with Nudity in Church !They think this is the only place
    God exists !! I can talk to GODD anywhere . I don't have to go to a church !! I feel closer to GOD out in NATURE !!!
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    I believe that nudism is not sinful in it's self. When God came to Adam and Eve after they comited their first act of disobedience, it was Adam and Eve who were hiding from God,not God avoiding to fellowship with them.   When God asked them where they were,and why they were hiding from Him.   God was not asking the question to gain information for Himself, but for them to see the fruits that the seed of disobedient started bare.
    So when God asked Adam who told you you were naked?   We see that there was nothing lacking when God created them naked,for earlyer the the chaper 2 of the book of Genisis God created mankind naked and He placed them in a guarden, and told them to be fruitful and multiply and  fill the the earth,and have dominion over the earth and all of the creature of the earth.  The chapter end by stating that Mankind was naked and had no shame. 
    So my conclusion is that we wear clothes to protect our bodies from harm that may be cause by the crused creation that is around us( it could be by averse weather,plant or animal).
    God is not offended if we our wearing closths or if we are naked in His presence . We offend God by living in disobedence to God's teachings on how to live in harmony with him and our fellow man.
    I also what to point out that the fruit of the tree of knowlege was littel . It was not an alagory for sex.     The seed of the sin nature was not the fist sexual act,but disobeying God's comand not to eat the friut of the tree of knowledge.
    Remember God place them in a guarden that was full of things to eat.
    So the tree of knoledge was in the garden not to be food,but to provide free will to obey or disobey God.
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    Greenwoods hit it the closest of what I've read here. When we say we believe in the blood and sacrifice of our Savior and then cover our bodies we return to stating that His sacrifice is not sufficient to cleanse us of sin. Mankind was clothed as a covering of that sin nature and remains clothed only when they have not accepted His sacrifice and cleansing. If we have received His forgiveness and cleansing, then we have no need to remain covered in His sight, as only those yet in their sin and under the covenant of sin need be.