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    How does one reconcile being naked with being religious? I was raised to believe that running around naked was a sin. Despite my love of enjoying nudity, I still get a twinge of guilt about it. Is this more of a problem for catholics (like me) or do other religions instill this type of guilt? And how do you deal with or reconcile these feelings?
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    Well... if you were to have asked the Catholic (which is christian!)

    late Pope John Paul 2, his written answer on the matter was:

     "The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendour and its beauty... nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness... Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with rtegard to the value of the person... The human body is not in itself shameful... Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of a person." Pope John Paul 2 Quoted from "Love and responsability". Published by H.T.Willets, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York. 1981

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    there is a naked church in virginia

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    Adam wasn't made clothed god created him a nudist, only after they sinned they took up clothing 

    Beside if god wanted us dressed why are babies born naked?

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    I am Catholic and a nudist for five years. I read recently where St. Francis of Assisi (from whom Pope Francis is named), after ridding himself of his worldly possessions, would say Mass in the nude, preach in the nude and eventually wore just a sackcloth and lived in a cave where he meditated. Personally, I would prefer to meditate on a nice, secluded beach and always nude.

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    that's it!
    Nudity as I understand it is mentioned to be the perfect status- just think of the garden of eden.
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    There is one place in the bible where nudity is mentioned as wrong and that is in Gen 9:21-23
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    Hello bellylaugh,

    I am a Christian and I don't think that being naked in public is sinful behaviour (unlike what many churches teach today). I actually think that churches should allow nudity with some ceremonies and sacraments such as baptism and marriage.

    Public nudity as a sinful behaviour was not taught by the early church, it was only until the reign of Emporer Augustine that it was made so because he didn't want Christianity to become confused with some of the Greco-Roman pagan cults that often practiced nudity with worship as well.

    In my country, for any Christian to come out with the fact that they are a nudist is enough to see them being ex-communicated by most churches as well as being shunned by people they thought were their friends. This has happened to both myself and a pastor friend when we made our nudist activities known in the mainstream media.

    I don't know if this is going to change anytime soon, but after doing a lot of research into the matter on the net, there are more Christian websites out there that come out in favour of naturism compared to those that oppose it.

    Also, for the sake of other posters, do not post URLs to other websites as it will not reach the others. If you want to alert them, then send them a message by private mail.
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    To bellylaugh,
    It depends on your viewpoint let alone the culture you're raised in. Different Christians have different views on nudity.
    The early Christians were baptized nude, David, in the Old Testament, danced naked in front of the Lord, I was told that the apostles fished while being nude, and Christ, as the story goes, was crucified naked. (The loincloth concept came later; some crucifixes can be deceiving).
    Plus the Pope is surrounded by nudity every day in all the paintings and sculptures in the Vatican. (In fact, I heard Michelangelo was gay).
    The reason why the Roman church later started putting so much emphasis on "modesty" was because of the surrounding corrupt culture which apparently affected even some clergy and ecclesiastics. It was misuse of sex that caused the Roman Empire to fall, not mere nudity.
    God created the body and we know that everything that God created was and is good-Genesis says so.
    As long as nudity is not abused and utilized for purely selfish, prurient reasons (our bodies are sacred vessels) then there should be no cause for concern when it comes to celebrating it as a gift from God.
    I hope I helped.
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    Hello there. For any Christians out there with questions about reconciling the Bible, with nudity, or, for any interested non-Christians, I *HIGHLY* recommend this site:

    I would encourage anyone who's serious about their questions, to do their own research, don't take mine, or anybody else's word. It will be worth it in the end.

    God Bless!
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    From a nonchristian perspective, naked in church is the best way to go. Clothing is a way to hide yourself. Do you really want or need to hide yourself from the Divine?

    In paganism, it is refered to as being "skyclad".
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    I think that wearing clothes is a sin. Since man has adorned himself with vestments, Striptease was invented, teasing and wishful XRay vision. What is hidden beneth those clothes? Said this, Nakedness can never be allowed in the church, because "Where are the faithful going to carry the collection money? They have no pocket!" God loves us all, and he loves us free and kind and loving one another, as he made us.
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    do a search on nudity and the bible. The bible does not have one scripture referring to nudity being fact, just the opposite. You will find some great research. I have gone to many nudist resorts...most do have church on the weekends where all are nude including the pastor. I would say that there are more nudists who are Christians ..I have seen many who get dressed and go into town for church, then come back for the afternoon. We have through religion,k protestants the puritan ovement, Catholics the Church..have been taught that nudity is wrong, shameful..we never have questioned it. I am glad that you are..enjoy the research
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    Some individual Catholics may call nudity and nakedness sinful, but that should not be taken that Catholicism in itself will find nudity sinful, in any way... The Bible doesn't actually call the state of nudity a sin, does it? But that doesn't stop a noisy minority of self-styled, barrel-thumping, wearing-their-faith-on-their-sleeve moral minority types from declaring it so, does it ??
    Don't blame any major faith, in and of itself, for the rabid rants of the deranged few; most of whom seem quite ignorant of these faiths' actual teachings, anyhows ..

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    Nakedfarmer is correct about the meaning of the word "naked". In the Hebrew there are three words for "naked". Two of them are in a sexual context, one is in a non-sexual contact. All of the references to nudity or nakedness where it refers to it as a sinful act use the words that are for sexual context. The ones where it is referred to as a non-sexual act, such as the prophet Isaiah being commanded to go nude for three years, do not call it a sinful act. Remember that God would never command us to perform a sinful act. Therefore if he commanded Isaiah go nude for three years, it could not have been a sin.

    The same is true of the original Greek language. Take a look at the disciples that were fishermen. It was not uncommon for them to fish nude, considering the region was hot during the summer time, even at night. Take a look at John 21:7

    That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It
    s the Lord!" So when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he wrapped his coat around him (for he was naked), and threw himself into the sea.

    Now the question comes as to why he wrapped his coat around himself if being naked was okay. Simple, it was early in the morning. They had been out all night fishing (and I?m sure sleeping). Think about a lake first thing in the morning. The water is cold because it lost the heat from the day during the night. I believe Peter wrapped his coat around himself because he knew the water was going be cold. And since he jumped in the water next it would make sense that he was putting his coat on as a way to protect himself from the cold.

    There are five words in the Greek language that are translated as ?naked? or ?nude?. Again, as with the Hebrew, only the words that refer to sexual conduct or in a sexual context are seen as sinful.

    It is up to you as to what you should do. What it comes down to is that it is between you and God as to whether or not general nudity is sinful.
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    yes it is not a sin,it is what you do and what is in your heart
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    Not God makes running around naked is a sin... He made you without clothes! The society we live in says running around naked brakes the rules. And to brake your societys rules maybe is a sin.

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    love it naked farmer.This tread was geting wierd.Don't let hyperboly on it!
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    The only sin is what you do with your nakedness. Many of the old testiment profits prayed naked as a symbol of humilty. Isaiah was commanded by God to wander through the wilderness naked (probable also to humble him). Jesus was naked on the cross. The examples of nakedness being a sin also involve something else happining. It is also interesting to find that the hebrew word for naked changes when discussing naked and sinning.