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    At least at a certain age children are vital components of the education issue of sexual education. The child should be able to in section deepen its knowledge of the matter obtained from home or from school in confidential talks with the leader. In this issue there should not be any taboo. It is wrong to set aside any topic, which is just „no talk“. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts should be aware of the fact that the leaders can solve any problems and issues that concern them. No question should remain unanswered. If the leader is ashamed, he should invite an expert, but it is a poor solution. Children need information constantly and need to know that in unexpected situations they can trust someone.
    Scout troop to a certain degree of development substitute the role of the family. It is natural, and parents should accept it.
    It is obvious that such a thing is possible only when there is mutual trust among the members and officials.
    An absolutely essential element of scout education is nudism. It can be seen as an effort to coexist with nature. That is a basis for idea of nudism and its components is nothing, neither the clothes, a limited staying, whenever it is appropriate with regard to privacy, etc. Living without clothes brings these positive effects:
    - Easier for the child itself;
    - No problem with inclusion in society;
    - The children cease to be ashamed of themselves for the way they look and what they are and begin to take themselves positively;
    - Nudity breaks down unnecessary barriers of shame and taboos;
    - When naked in front of their comrades the children cannot hide themselves, so nudity brings children closer together.
    The condition for such action is mutual trust, and above all it must be absolutely voluntary. It is not possible to force children to be naked. But if the Boy Scout (Girl Guide) see, that his brothers (sisters) are nude (naked), they want to be bare (naked) also. They realize that it makes them feel better and more free and natural. Naked bodies are no longer anything unknown. This activity has also a positive effect with boys, especially in sexual games, as the boys come to familiarize themselves with the body of another and see that they themselves are developing normally.
    But these games being played by the boys will undoubtedly continue to occur. They will be motivated by sexual satisfaction and sexual identification of the boys (and therefore at a certain age are relatively important).
    It is entirely inappropriate to punish a child for showing their physical manifestations and expressions of desire, especially among boys, which are far more visible. Sexual arousal could be registered (or not, depending on the situation), but that's about it. Children should be aware that this is a natural phenomenon that shows the child's health, “handicapped” should be informed about the same and also should know that in this they should not have to be ashamed (at least in the immediate circle). Taunts are not appropriate, not even the most well-intentioned. They humiliate the boy. They may be well-intentioned but may damage a healthy environment. It is absolutely impossible that the boys should be punished or admonished for self-abuse or groping for each other or meet in private tents, etc. Even if these games and attempts tend to go into somewhat sharper forms, such as oral satisfaction. These games may be unappropriate for children of different sex, due to a possible pregnancy. Such children in the camp housed in tents (eg, teepee), should have the privacy to exercise these games, which are necessary for child development. The leader for example should agree on a signal for requesting access to such a tent and / or allow children to these games being played to indulge in their leisure.
    Children (boys), especially the elderly, should be informed about the safety and positive health effects of self-abuse, such as reducing stress, releasing sperm and support originality. Generally, it is far better especially in longer-duration expeditions (and of course in the camp), so the guys openly ejaculate instead of ejaculating into a sleeping bag or blankets. This applies especially to boys and / or those with high ejaculation frequency. (“Solutions” in the form of clothing during sleep is totally inappropriate. For sleeping can be used at most a t-shirt. Genitals should be left bare.) It would however be advised that if these games are being played openly, it's also okay and normal.
    The leaders of expeditions to the common lodge with children should be counseled about omitting shame if someone is caught in self-abuse, such as at night. There is no need for boys and girls to get unnecessary trauma for fear of disclosure. Or, how nicely expressed by one scoutmaster, boys should know that every boy in the section, at least occasionally is satisfying himself, and if the boys says he doesn't, then he makes up or will do in the future. In this activity, which is probably mostly excecuted in the night, however, the boys and girls behave as considerately as possible with regard to the amount of their experience. If, however, they can not control it, we must not admonish or punish, but should provide privacy in which they can play their games without interference. In extreme cases (eg lack of space) they can be directed to the toilet block.
    Children should know that their older brothers and sisters have a sex life and that they have the same right, like them, and that is not good for anyone to suppress these natural needs. They should know what to do, if they see them masturbating. They should be aware of the fact that their officials are doing that , too, so that they do not get confused and surprised and do not feel uncomfortable. However, there is no place need for the older members to feel embarrassed if they are caught by another official or a child. There is no need to hide and try to create the impression that the games are not being played with their own private body. This would give the children the impression that it is a dirty and sinful thing. It happens, it's annoying, but it will pass with a smile. When a child finds an officer or older boy (girl) playing the games, if the section really has knowledgeable children, they can provide quality information for the younger children.
    It is not appropriate for officials to play the games in the presence of children, even when they sleep. The problem is also common in cabins, such as at night. This is already a matter of opinion introuper environment. In a camp is not a problem to find a privacy eg in forest almost anytime, it's worse on expeditions, although it takes less time than for officials with greater sexual needs and can be quite long. It is definitely a need to discuss these things without shame.
    Essential component of instruction is about homosexuality. There is no reason to believe that the older members will not want to experiment or indulge in sexual pleasures. For the uninformed child this might be quite a shocking experience.
    Therefore, everyone should look at privacy, whether his or others, but the leader should not be terrified of revealing and should make it clear that the sexual needs of children and adults are natural.
    Healthy sexual development is an important part of the development of children, and issues around it belongs to trouper life. Especially naked body may very well serve as a show specimen replacing the impersonal and cool pictures in books.
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    A lot of this is good content other than that I would include adults in the sessions with children so they have the opportunity to take advantage of them being uneducated sexually and can educate them on how to perform sexually for them and can learn quicker on what sex is

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    This is an absolutely amazing idea but I do not see why adults should not be able to partake in the games. Wouldn’t it be safer for the adults to watch them in their tents to make sure they practice it safely? Or maybe have 1 on 1s with the adults and children (male leader with girl / female leader with boy) etc.?

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     I don't think it's within the realm of scout leaders or teachers to encourage sexual activity of any kind amongst their charges. If you doubt what I'm saying just mention to their parents what you encouraged and participated in and see how long it takes you to get arrested and locked up. It won't take long believe me. This sounds more like a paedophiles fantasy than anything else.

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    You are right. Nothing is dirty and sinful. Every child has a right to be educated and to explore.


    Many years ago a friend asked me to accompany him and a group of lads, all 14/15 from a youth club. One being his son. Somebody else had let him down at last minute. We arrived at the camp and got installed. It was a very hot period. The lads asked if they could splash about in the nearby stream. Leader said ok. They stripped to their underpants and jumped in. The underpants soon disappeared. We shrugged and joined them. To big cheers from the lads. There was a lot of splashing about and of course a lot of contact.

    Nobody objected, even the leader. We eventually got them out and back to the camp. It was good to see the lads standing to attention. We all dried off and set about getting supper. Nobody got dressed. We cleared up and settled down. It was a very humid night and nobody wanted to sleep. A guitar was produced and a few songs sung. Most of evening spent joking and talking. One or two of the lads were stroking but not obviously.

    It did get noticed and a few more started to fondle themselves. The leader got an erection but didn't touch himself. I made a point of talking to them. Saying that it was good that they accepted being nude with others and accepted how the others looked. I said that they had obviously looked at each other and noticed that everybody was different. This was a vital time in their lives to learn and accept others for who they are. I pointed out that nearly everyone was playing wth themselves. That didn't make them perverts or homosexuals.

    There was some giggling. The leader spoke up. Saying that this was just the thing that shouldn't happen. There was nothing wrong with exploring ones body and sexuality. Every generation was the same. It was good to share with others. There was no shame in playing with yourself and others. You are all at the crossroads of growing up and this was a good enviroment to learn in.

    Some wag asked if he wanked. Of course a lot of giggling. Yes I do, replied. Again it is nothing to be ashamed about or laughed at. It is a pleasure to be enjoyed. How about you sir, somebody asked me. Yes I do, and quite often. As John said it is a pleasure to be enjoyed. There is nothing wrong at all in doing it. Just be careful where you do.

    You don't mind us doing it then, said another. Of course not, said John. As Martin said just be careful where and when you do.

    Hands were soon working and a silence fell, apart from the slapping of skin. Including John and I. Hands began to be exchanged. It seemed indeed that they were not embarassed. I got everybody into a circle and got them to wank each other. John and I in the middle enjoying each other. It didn't take long before there was a lot of moaning and fluid being issued. They all cheered as John and I brought each other off.

    So, was anybody upset about that experience, asked John. They all shook their heads. Good, hope it was enjoyable. Plenty of nodding heads this tme. You've all learnt a valuable lesson in growing up and being tolerant of other people. And that pleasuring yourself or someone else is not sinful or dirty. Now then, all down to the river and clean up. A lot of objections but we managed to get them down and cleaned up. We eventually got them settled in bed and turned in ourselves.

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    Children should be counseled on sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, contraception, as well as drought. Various problems with phimosis or testicular torsion. If losing inhibitions and shyness to touch your own body and examine it, you not only eliminate unnecessary shame and taboo, but also it can prevent potential health problems.
    Confidence in the section carries a further positive fetuses, children are entrusted to the problems and are not ashamed to let you remove the tick from sensitive places. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are also not ashamed to look at each in these areas for the presence of ticks, etc.
    Nudism and healthy sex education go hand in hand and create the quality and confident person now, balanced with himself, with his body and his sexuality.
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