Any Pagans here? Religion

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    What path do you follow? What brought you to that path? What do you like about it? How long have you been Pagan?

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    we are celtic pagans -  priestess and priest

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    I follow Asatru. The old " Viking " religion. I tried all sorts of Pagan paths, but nothing seemed to fit. I was introduced to Asatru by a close friend who owns a Pagan shop. What i like about Asatru is the way it is. We Heathens have a saying: Asatru is not just what we believe, it is what we are. It is not " New-age ". It is roots. It is being realist. I find Heathens to be very down-to-Earth. I have always been drawn to water and storms and the chaos of life. Asatru is not the " turn the other cheek " crap. We have no " harm none " rule. We believe in actions, not just words.

    I have been knowingly Pagan sinse 1994. I have been unknowingly Pagan all my life. I was introduce to Pagan ways by a friend in the military. I just had to get through all the lies taught by preachers when i was growing up. Many of my family do not accept me due to my ways. They can get over it.

    I am very close to the god Njord. God of shallow waters, fishermen and travelers. I am found more wearing my Njord stuff than my Mjolnir. I also like Skadi and Ullr. My rune is laguz. It is the water rune.

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