Is it possible to be both a Nudist and a Christain Religion

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    I only ask cos I used to be a christain back in the 90's and even toured Australia and New Zealand with a Christain drama company for 3 years.

    Well since comming back to NZ to live I've dropped out of the church scene and am now happy being a nudist with my lovely wife and son.

    When I left the drama company I was told I was going to Hell and that kinda bothers me.
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    I beleive the Bible says God made man in his own image. If that is the case, apparently many people are ashamed of God's image and choose to cover it up. They think God's image is shameful and should be covered up and not seen. What's up with that? It seems ALL churches would welcome someone showing up in God's creative image. But instead they want you to show up in the fanciest clothes you have for their worship services.

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    This is how i see this issue about being a nudist and a Christain

    Its this,

    We are all born nudist, never seen a baby born fully clothed yet,

    When god created Adam was he clothed? Nope he was also a nudist, so was Eve

    It was only when Sin entered our lives via a pair/apple that Adam n Eve noticed they where naked

    So let me put it to you this way

    Thats this

    If it wasn't for all the prudes in your church would you go naked as a nudist?

    If the answers yes, Why arn't you going as a nudist?


    Start a nudist church, where nudist can have a faith while being naked

    I'm getting off my high horse

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    I am a bible carrying concervitive christian and I am a nudist.  God made the first man and woman naked and God declared them complete and good. In the secound chapter of the book of Genesis verse 25 " And they were both naked, the man and his wife,and were not ashamed.
    American society is the teacher that nudity is only for sex,and that if you are caught being nude then You are up to some kind or imoral activity,or you are mentally ill.
     if nudity was currpt we wouldn't have been created this way. I wonder if the same people are are effender by human nudity are also effend by their pet's nudity. Do they spend their time chasing their pets around the housre try to put pant on them,so they won't see their gentitals?
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    I hope its possible.... I am a strong christian and have had nudist tendancies since childhood, but have either repressed them or stipped down when no one else is around.  I'm going through a storm right now, tired of suppressing.  My wife is as conservative and prudish as they come and I hold leadership responsibilities in my church.  I have been incredibly prayerful, for guidance and direction... I hope it is possible.  I don't know how I will know, but I am waiting for God's direction.
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    I became a Christian back in 1978. Not long after that I went to the Bible college offered by the church I belonged to back then. I became a minister and held various positions within my church, but then began rethinking my views as I grew in my beliefs. It wasn't long before one of those views concerned nudism and Christianity. I searched the Bible all throughout and found nothing that forbade being a nude believer. As has been stated by others here, A&E were not condemned for being nude, but for sinning by disobedience to their Maker. The cover they were given was as a blood sacrifice, which was how we are told we are to return to this same Maker, through the blood of His Son. Nudity is not only conducive to Christianity, it is in many ways mandatory, but that's for a different sermon, eh? lol
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    I agree there are many ideas about what Christian means.  In a very broad sense it identifies one of the three major religions, Judiasm, Christian, and Islam.  In a narrow sense it means a person who follows Christ and believes in his teachings.

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    This a great forum!  It is my favorite topic.  I am an ordained minister in a fairly well known evangelical denomination.  I think the leaders would be uncomfortable if they knew I was a nudist and that I was a member of a Nudist Landed Club.  My weekday visits to the club do not conflict with my church responsibilities.  Manytimes you will find me at the lakeside studying for the next sermon.  I do not hide my faith from my nudist friends.  I do hide my nudist life from my Christian non-nudist friends.  Obviously, I find no conflict concerning nudism in the Bible.  What is interesting to me is how many non-Christians have issues with nudism.  It is more a social issue than a Bible issue.  One last thing:  Never allow nudism to interfere with your commitment to Christ.  Christ must be first, but you don't need to give up nudism.

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    One should probably define what one means when they use the term "Christian".  That term can have a myriad of definitions.


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    Hi. I live in New Zealand (Rotorua). I am a Christian and just become a nudist. My wife has left me because of it. I just enjoy the lifestyle now
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    The adage, 'Clothes maketh the Man' contradicts that God is our Maker not what we wear. We were created minus clothing and this is what our Creator intended Herr Peer5.59AM 3/1/11
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    Quoting author:

    In genesis adam eve was nude,there relized they were nude and hid themselves, god called to them and ask how they knew they where nude he made them body coverings but never condemd them for nudity, only for sin.

    Adam and Eve did not know they were naked UNTIL they had sinned. Clearly, the sin was not being naked, but KNOWING they were naked, which would not have been possible if they had obeyed God's command. Other people in the Bible have been naked, even while spreading the news of God's word. Many people use the Bible to support their arguments, but it is much more likely that they are MISusing those words, by quoting them out of context.
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    I too am both a Christian and a naturist. Admittedly, there are no public activities that combine the two, but that doesn't make them mutually exclusive. There is a spiritual side to naturism that is very consistent with Christianity.

    In any case, don't let what others say separate you from God. As others have posted here, we are all sinners, including those who gave you such a nice send-off from your church group. I encourage you to renew your relationship with God, firm in the knowledge that whatever your sins, Christ has already paid the price for them.
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    I know it's possible because I am both.
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    If God wanted you to wear clothes, you would have been born in them!
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    I am happy to hear of someone who has the ideals of being a Christian and being a nudist. However, I do recognize that it is sometimes more difficult to find appropriate moments to be nude in certain areas that others who do not condone the behavior. I llok at it this way. People who do not accept who you are in the nude, have something on when reaching out and sharing your faith. However, always take the time to reach out to people who you know would condone the behavior. The second thing is to find a church you are comfortable with. This can sometimes take time. I look foraward to hearing from you. Mike
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    did they tell you this about hell - cause you started to be a naturist - or cause you left church/the christian scene ? - these are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things, i think.
    onto naturism: even the catholic church (my church), "conservative" as she is, doesn?t condemn it ! ... possible for you (and your family?), to go back to christian church (back to christ ?) - whilst staying naturists ? (maybe you should not make a big issue of your lifestyle at christian churches, we must have respect for the feelings and believe of our fellow brothers and sisters) yours, from austria, ronald
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    There are lots of views about naturism & religion & lots of useful reading to be found on the subject on the net. Why not look at some of it - may help to set your mind at rest.
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    You must get to a nudist camp right away. Do not delay this because of your husband. There is nothing more worthwhile than living as a 100% nudist at all times. Drop me a line.
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    Hi Tanned and all others to read or care; Aint no abortions in heaven!


    It is not only possible to be naturist/nudist and be christian, it's a responsiblity to be ourselves hiding no talent. As a christian it is imperative that we go boldly in the humanity (observing common sense & avoid blatant lawlessness) spreading the good news. Doing so among naturists is only made slightly more challenging as our personal integrity appears easier to notice. Therefore, it behooves one to be particularly diligent in ones faith and knowledge of the WORD.