Why is single nudist women so difficult to find? Romance

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    I have on quststion, Why is single nudist women so difficult to find ?
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    The Dating Environment for women today is pretty intimidating. Gone are the days of the Old Fashion Dating Service where candidates are prescreened by a Dating Service Staff to weed out the Creeps. Women have to take that on themselves. This type of environment also leads to mischief in the other direction with foreign scam operations attempting to fleece men out of their money. There is more than ample reason for distrust on both sides. Then factor the Nudity aspect unique to this website and there is another complication added to the pile.


    Now stop and consider that most of the women that enroll in a website like this do so because they can get a very high Male to Female Ratio of participants. Most of the women have little or no experience with public nudism. They feel having overcome their inhibitions in a one on one setting with an ex-Spouse or Partner think they can easily take the next step. When they get to the water's edge the plunge is still filled with anxiety and trepidation. As a long time member I can say that from my experience only 1 out of 4 women listed on this website have ever been to a Nude Beach, a Landed Club, on a Nude Cruise or held membership in a Nudist Sanctioning Agency like AANR or TNS (in the US) That doesn't mean they can't be brought along but don't let their listing mislead you into the idea that everything is going to be smooth sailing once you hook up.


    These are things one must keep in mind.

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    If we raise our head above the parapet we get bombarded by guys who want to meet up to the point that we get no peace.


    If I go anywhere I always layout an extra towel next to mine to give the impression that I have a partner with me and it stays there unless I see someone I might like to chat to

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    seem quite true....seldom find any single women here unless they are from the UK, Australia,,or some eastern European country....there are few if any American women who use this site to enjoy nudism,,let alone romance/  Still ,even with all the effort of the AANR,,,nudism is foreign or nasty in the eyes of women in the US

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    I get that he posted this question almost a year ago, but I still feel the need to reply.  (perhaps it is the newness and being a female which means I like to communicate)

    This is a similar statement that I made the the christian naturists group about men.  I was upfront about thing that are usually points of rejection...because it is just best to live in honesty.  Three weeks into getting to know a guy, I casually mention that I want to go try out this family nudist place in Slidell.  Tone of converation changed.  I try to focus it on the positive aspects of nudism and how it help my faith, but he couldn't get away from the sexual side of things.

    I think for many women they have to experience being a nudist with other women or alone first.  They need to be able to experience it without any pretense of sex first to get that a husband or boyfriend isn't asking for that reason alone.  Also, women often only see the shame and ugliness of their bodies.  If they can't hide behind clothing, they may not believe they can make connections.  As much as women like to say they want to be seen for their personality, we have trouble believing we will be seen as someone with a good personality when others see us in the imperfections, curves, and stories of our skin.

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    Because on this sight. The women only want other women

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    Where are the right places? 

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    Your looking in the wrong places????